KTO Bollywood x K-Pop

As part of KTO’s KXperience event which started on 17th September 2021 and is ongoing upto 15th November 2021, the Indian consumers and K-enthusiasts get a taste of what happens when K-Pop and Bollywood come together.


Korea Tourism Organisation bring a specially curated Bollywood x K-Pop dance fusion starring K-Pop sensation AleXa and Indian singer-dancer, Shraey Khanna and his renowned dance crew. Throwing an interesting challenge to Shraey and his crew, AleXa who is no stranger to the world of Bollywood thanks to her experiences in India dancing to Bole Chudiyaan and The Jawaani Song, looks forward to seeing Shraey perform her single ‘Xtra’.

Kicking it off AleXa first showcases her own fun routine from the ‘Xtra’ performance and Shraey flawlessly keeps up with her groove. From here on though things getting even more interesting as Shraey surprises AleXa with a full new dance choreography to the song mixing in K-Pop, Urban, Bollywood, and MJ style.

Transitioning from sleek black suits at the start of the song to traditional Indian lehengas and kurtas, Shraey and his crew deliver a powerful and upbeat performance, spiced up with the fiery “Indian tadka”. The cheerful Bhangra moves, the MJ pelvic thrust, the Govinda moves and the Bharatnatyam pose struck dressed in Indian attire while grooving to the K-Pop beats, just makes the entire routine glow with the best of what the two cultures have to offer.

Reaching the end of the charming dance-off between the two representatives of K-Pop and Bollywood, the two artists also urge the viewers to participate in KXperience’s pan-India social media contest. Titled the The K-Challenge’, it is an opportunity for Indian K-enthusiasts to showcase their own creativity as they perform AleXa’s ‘Xtra’ and win exciting prizes and offers planned by KTO. The participants are requested to post their dance/singing/reaction videos or pictures of these on their social media and add in compulsory hashtags – #KXperience and #mykchallenge_kpop​ . You can also use #KTOxKHIGH and tag our official handles.


This first-ever online engagement initiative, ‘KXperience’ by KTO is also ready to bring other aspects of Korean culture to Indian homes like K-Food, K-Drama, K-Beauty and more. The Hallyu Wave is surging ever bigger in India!


Have you checked out the Bollywood x K-Pop dance-off of K-Xperience? Did you participate in The K-Challenge by KTO? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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