KTO The Hindu K-Drama

An engaging virtual Korean escapade by KTO calledKXperience is underway which comprises of ‘all things Korean’K-Food, K-Pop, K-Beauty, K-Drama, and K-Travel. For the K-Drama aspect of the event, KTO has collaborated with the reputable Indian media organization, The Hindu on a K-Drama Talk Studio.

For this part of the series, KTO x The Hindu called upon various specialized Indian experts from different fields who talked about their favorite K-Dramas and elaborated on several elements that make K-Dramas so appealing. It started with Chef Dhruv Oberoi who talked of the mouth-watering K-Food appearances we see in the Korean dramas and even shared a Korean Fried Chicken recipe that he liked. The talk studio session then moved on to other features like Ms. Nishant Fatima (Hyderabad-based photographer-writer) who talked of trend-setting fashion in K-Dramas, Ms. Annalia Zhimoni (makeup artist) who demonstrated how to apply Korean eye makeup, Ms. Puja Talwar of Good Times who acted as the moderator, and Ms. Anu Menon (Comedian-Actor) who enthusiastically spoke about everything, all K-Drama watchers feel in their hearts!

“If you are not Korean, I don’t need your drama.” – quoted Chef Dhruv Oberoi humorously.

Attendees of this relatable and colorful talk session would definitely be getting a glimpse into the mutual love for K-Dramas that all of them have; thus achieving the aim of KTO – spread the love and support for the Hallyu wave in India. Interested K-Drama enthusiasts can also take part in the pan-India virtual contest by KTO called ‘The K-Challenge’ where they just have to re-enact a K-Drama scene or Dress up as their favorite K-Drama character and post it on their social media handles. With the chance to win amazing prizes, The K-Challenge just requires the participants to post pictures/videos/reels using hashtags – #KXperience,#mykchallenge_kdrama, and #KTOxKHIGH.


Excited to embark on this K-Drama talk journey by KTO x The Hindu? Which K-Drama scene or character are you enacting for KXperience’s The K-Challenge? Let us know in the comments.
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