KTO CulturaGo Course

KTO’s online consumer engagement initiative, ‘KXperience’ is ongoing and has reeled in K-Lovers from all over India. Enthusiasts sharing a love for K-Food, K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Beauty have already viewed the series of audio-visual experiences of their interests, and are on the move, recreating their own version for The K-Challenge. In the midst of this, another of KTO’s offerings that aims at promoting Korean culture and tourism is out! Sign yourselves up for the “CulturaGo Course”.

This tailor-made course by KTO x CulturaGo focuses on potential travelers, traveling to Korea for further studies, work, vacations, and more. In a simple yet expressive style, the 6 modules of this course introduce the learner to the country’s culture, regional differences, daily lifestyles, etiquettes, work ethics, social-political perspectives, etc. It is the perfect go-to guide for knowing the quotidian fundamentals of the country they all want to visit someday!

“Though Korean films and dramas have already offered a glimpse of Korea, we think that a comprehensive one-of-its-kind course like this will give a better understanding of the country to anyone who would like to travel there in the future.” – Mr. Young Geul Choi (Director of KTO)

Aside from offering key insights needed for a more fulfilling and culturally immersive trip to Korea, the course also features video interviews of local Koreans and expats where they provide realistic and on-the-ground facts, advice, and experiences to the learners. The course also recommends how to spend free time in Korea, build a social circle, and exploration suggestions. All this ensures more reassured and confident travel plans. Talks of culture shocks and overcoming them to become a native resident yourself, also makes this course so appealing.

What is even more gratifying is that now interested learners can walk this virtual cultural learning journey at more agreeable prices! As part of KXperience, KTO is offering a Special Discount of 75% on this course by CulturaGo which is originally priced at 9,600 INR. Learners just need to Sign Up for the course on the CulturaGo Website and use code “LOVEKOREA” during checkout to avail the special discount.

With KTO bringing the chance of gaining cultural insights into the land of Korea, right to the doorsteps of all Indian homes (at a highly economical price), consumers aiming to travel to the country shouldn’t miss this great opportunity coming their way. Their dreams of a satisfying and engaging journey to the Land of Morning Calm await them.


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