KTO Innisfree K-Beauty

KTO’s KXperience – a specially curated series offering experiences of K-Food, K-Pop, K-Travel, K-Drama, and K-Beauty – is in full swing and has Indian consumers gaining insights into all things Korean. The K-Beauty industry which has equally taken the world by storm as the K-Pop music fever is also being heavily sought after by Indian consumers, and hence, KTO’s attempt to spread more awareness about it through their initiative is also an exemplary contribution to it.

KXperience by KTO has brought to its Indian beauty enthusiasts a K-Beauty Talk Show in collaboration with the eco-friendly global brand, Innisfree known for its products that bring the best of Jeju Island’s magic ingredients. It not only educates the layman Indian consumer about the basic philosophy of K-Beauty (nurturing beauty from inside out) and its benefits but also unravels certain skincare tips that native Koreans follow for youthful and vibrant skin. The show hosted by Innisfree India expert – Zoya, also enlightens the viewers on how to correctly execute an 8-steps Korean skincare regime, featuring many popular products from Innisfree.

KXperience also brings forth a chance for the Indian K-Lovers to then show their own K-Beauty routine or share their own experience of it on their social media handles as part of KTO’s The K-Challenge. The participants are requested to post videos/images/reels etc. using hashtags #KXperience#mykchallenge_kbeauty, and #KTOxKHIGH. Winners will be rewarded with some really famous Korean products like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and other products, K-Trend bags and Goody boxes, etc.

In addition to these virtual experiences, KTO is also offering special discounts on Korean products to meet the Indian public’s demands for a Korean lifestyle taste in collaboration with Korikart.com. KXperience by KTO seems to be a real treat for all Indian K-Lovers!


Have you seen the KTO x Innisfree K-Beauty Talk Show? Are you excited to take part in The K-Challenge of KXperience? Let us know in the comments.
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