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Law School is one of those eye-catchy dramas that is about delineating criminal behavior, indicting criminals, expounding the code of ethics of law, and teaching the principles of law that serve the people.


“Those who know the law very well are more dangerous than those who know nothing about it” – Han Joon Hwi

The series has a lot of intriguing prospects as it discusses the various aspects that stress upon law & decision making rather than the crime itself. It deals with how public opinion can stress upon the reprehension of innocent as well as guilty. The inclination of news media upon public distress rather than facts can lead to such cases where denunciation is based on a prejudiced opinion and it might, in turn, become a pressuring point on the law.

The series stresses various scenarios and criminal case studies in the law school that speak about how to uphold the ethics of law at times of uncertainty and how to pass a calculative indictment without any bias. Irrespective of the circumstances, an official protecting the law must consider all the aspects before passing his final judgment that must surpass his personal stance. Law School deals with such intricacies in every criminal case study and puts forth the ideals behind qualifying as a public official.


About ‘Law School’

Credits: JTBC

(Note: The following contains mild spoilers.)

The drama begins at a mock courtroom class that witnessed the death of a professor, also an ex-prosecutor, Seo Byung Ju (played by Ahn Nae Sang). Slowly trying to unfold the mysterious suicide case that turned into a murder accusation, the Hankuk University’s law school undergoes a chain of events. Professor Yang Joon Hoon (played by Kim Myeong Min) becomes the victim of the murder accusation following which 1st-year students Kang Sol A and Han Joon Hwi get tangled along with it. After casting in ‘The Battle of Jangsari’, Actor Kim Myeong Min is known for an intense character adoption for his roles. Law School shows him in his exact reputation for which he is well known for with a tinge of humor in some scenes.

Kang Sol A, played by Ryu Hye Young, joined the law school in order to obtain an apology from the law. She was punished for an assault while trying to save someone and felt wrongly accused. Her penchant for studying law because of her past is an inspiring story that the drama follows. Ryu Hye Young’s comeback after ‘Reply 1998’ has been a very long wait for her fans, she definitely sets the standard high once again with her acting talents shining brightly in Law School.

Credits: JTBC

Han Joon Hwi played by everybody’s bias wrecker Kim Bum, joined the law school because he dreams of becoming a true prosecutor unlike his uncle, Seo Byung Ju. Following his uncle’s demise circumstantial evidence turn against him as he gets congregated with suspicions of killing his own uncle.

Law School by Netflix
Credits: JTBC

The mysterious thriller drama is like the necessary suspense-adrenaline rush you need. The drama’s proximity to real-life crime cases makes it a must-watch experience. A lot of exciting events happen in the first two episodes of the series itself, which is another reason why this series is definitely making it to your list.

Lee Man Ho is acquitted for raping a child and witnessing a hit-n-run crime scene. The prosecutor in charge back then (Seo Byung Ju) didn’t re-examine whether his statements were veridical. Lee Ma Ho denied having any memory of the incident because of being heavily intoxicated; the years back surreptitious deal between the two is revealed only after Seo Byung Ju’s death following Yang Joon Hoon’s arrest. As the prosecution digs deep, a piece of video evidence in Professor Yang Joon Hoon’s phone is revealed regarding the incident. Every episode ends with a mystery, and every new comeback returns with yet another unsolved mystery. The fast pace of the drama and continuous boom of events one after the other keeps the suspense alive till the very end.

JTBC drama Law School Netflix
Credits: JTBC

Kim Bum’s appearance and exemplary performance are another reason why this drama is a 10 on 10. From a hot sizzling mythical nine-tailed fox in his last drama, ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’ to this chubby geeky nerd, Kim Bum’s exceptional character transformation cannot be expounded with my writing skills. The stellar cast’s impeccable acting skills and tight-knit chemistry is also an added cherry on top. Hence, to understand and appreciate the magnetic charm of Law School you just have to watch it for yourself!


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