As another way to celebrate the end of this interesting (yet oh so chaotic) year, Twitter came up with the hashtag #ThisHappened2020 that is a brief recap of everything that went down on the app in 2020. There was so much more to talk about than just COVID-19 this year- one of them being K-Pop!

Every single day #KpopTwitter, also known as stan Twitter, is buzzing with fans from across the world sharing tweets about their favourite idols and interacting with each other over their one common interest- K-Pop.
Twitter India made a post breaking down who the top 3 most tweeted about K-Pop groups in the country were from the 1st of January till the 15th of November and the lineup was as follows- BTS, then EXO and finally Blackpink.
In addition to that, Twitter Korea also acknowledged how wildly popular their country’s artists are around the world and posted a list of the most tweeted about K-Pop accounts globally. BTS, EXO and Blackpink were once again the top 3 in that order; followed by Seventeen, GOT7, NCT 127, TXT, Ateez, Treasure and Stray Kids.
So fellow Indian K-Pop fans- were your favourite groups on the list? Which idol(s) or songs kept you going through this rough year? Tell us below in the comments!