K-Dramas are one of the factors that knit people from every corner of the globe. When we talk about K-Dramas we can not complete the dialogue without mentioning Lee Min-ho (이민호). This versatile actor has attracted many fans of diverse nationalities, ages, and gender.

As we are still celebrating the crisp vibe of New Year, Indian Minoz @leeminho_lovers_india chalked out a special note greeting Lee Min-ho with warm wishes in all the different languages from India!


The fans of Lee Min-ho (Minoz) find every possible way to show love and admiration to their very own Gu Jun-Pyo (name of his most beloved character from the classic drama ‘Boys over flowers’).  Indian Minoz @leeminho_lovers_india planned to display their love a bit differently yet something that strikes a chord with every fan of Lee Min-ho!


KPOP HIGH INDIA sat with @leeminho_lovers_india, the brains behind this project and in the dialogue when asked what the purpose behind this project was, they shared “We wanted to show Lee Min-ho that he plays a significant role in our lives. The emotions we experience we wanted to stage it in the form of a skit. Through our tough times, his presence was the driving force that helped us through our downfalls”.

They further included that, “We have included fans from all spheres of life because he inspires us all and not just a specific group of fans. With this project, we want to convey the message that Lee Min-ho adds vibrant shades to our canvas and he is a great source of joy to us. And we can’t wait to invite him to India with loads of love”.




Wishing everyone a very prosperous and rejuvenating 2021 from the KHIGH family.