IU Record Breaking Charts

IU is one of the best-selling soloists in the K-Pop industry. The artist who has completed over twelve years in the industry has set one record after another with her popular songs like Lilac, Celebrity, Blueming, to name a few. She has achieved a great feat in the industry and earned several titles as well. On the occasion of IU’s birthday, let’s take a look at IU’s history of record-breaking song chartings.

As A Korean Soloist, IU’s Benchmark Is Definitely Another Level

IU is a spine breaker for every Korean singer, as a soloist, she has a history of noteworthy achievements. Speaking of 2021 itself, IU is the first Korean soloist to have 5 songs with over 200 Million digital index points. No other artist in history has had this many numbers of songs under their name surpassing such a high count. She surpassed 4 Million followers on Spotify, even 100 Million streams for 2 songs, as the first Korean female soloist.

Perplexed? Don’t Be, The Astonishing Chart Record Has Just Started

Another dumbfounding record is that she has surpassed 470 Million cumulative unique listeners across Korean streaming platforms. According to statistics, it is nearly 334.7 Million for Melon charts and 135.3 Million for Genie charts, achieving #1 overall in both. IU is the first solo act to achieve Platinum Gaon certification for all three: album, download, and streaming.  She is also the first female in history to have over 100 Million Streams on Melon charts for her song Celebrity and over 200 Million streams for Palette.

Lilac also created history by topping #1 on Melon’s weekly charts for a total of 11 weeks. Hold My Hand, is another achievement as it is the 4th longest-running song to be in the top 10 of Melon’s weekly charts for 13 weeks straight. Another cause to herald is that IU is the best-selling KPop female soloist in China. With 8,372425 RMB sales for Lilac and 3,775,533 RMB sales for Eight, she surely recreates history with every step.

The List Has Not Ended Yet

With 1,937,707,182 streams on Genie Music, IU is the most streamed artist in the platform’s history. The only artist in history to have 7 songs for a full year inside the top 100 of Melon daily charts. The list of IU’s songs includes Friday, Meaning of You, Through The Night, Love Poem, Blueming, Give You My Heart & Eight. IU is an artist with the most months (14) at #1 on Gaon digital charts for Lilac. First female act to reach 11.5 Billion digital index points across all credits on Gaon.

A Top Star Or A Philanthropic Queen?

Recently, the artist even donated over 10 Million Won to help the citizens through a hard time in Gwacheon city. As one of the most influential Korean female celebrities in China, IU ranked #1 for 27 months in a row, forging her position at the top spot since 2019.


“To know your limits one must keep challenging them”, IU surely does that on a whole another scale with her every comeback and we can’t wait for what her future endeavors hold for her listeners!


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