Mark Tuan and Sanjoy’s single ‘One In A Million’ was released on February 12th. On the eve of Valentine’s day, the fans were treated with a cute animated music video as well! The music video is cute, heartfelt tribute to the ‘One in a Million’ person.  Can you spot the animated version of Mark and Sanjoy? What makes the music video more special is the multicultural collaboration! The video boasts of a team from across the world, with a Taiwanese-American singer, Indian-American creative producer, Bangladeshi-American music producer and a team from Columbia, the song is truly one in a million.


Kunal Agarwal, the creative mind behind One in a Million MV is a desi boy! Coming from an Indian-American origin, he is music producer Sanjoy Deb’s best friend and executive producer. He has been with Sanjoy since day one. To quote Sanjoy, “[Kunal] is my other 50%”. He gives bird’s eye views to each of Sanjoy’s projects and has been a constant support for him.”

We spoke to Kunal to get a behind-the-scenes scoop about the single and its music video. Here’s an excerpt from our chat –

KHIGH: Kunal, please introduce yourself to our readers and walk us through your experience in working on the single “One In A Million”.

KUNAL: Ello! I’m Kunal Agarwal, and I’ve been working with Sanjoy as an executive producer for about 10 years now. (I am shocked myself!) I do a whole range of things from coding, to shooting videos, to songwriting, to designing the hoodie/shirts, to pushing the release out. We’ve got a really cool partnership and compliment each other’s skill sets very well. It’s a really unique position to be in because it stretches your mind in so many directions – one day I was coding a new pre-save website, the next I was doing an inspection for the gold foil prints, and the next storyboarding the animated video.


When asked about his idea behind making an animated music video, Kunal had a really interesting reply. 

KUNAL: One in a Million was written about that feeling of love at first sight, after a very long time. It’s a crazy thought that you might just miss someone by seconds who can mean so much to you, and if there is just a slight change in fate, you would never meet them! It really takes a lot of timing and two people cut from the same cloth will meet each other in time, always, whether in this life or the next. 

The boy & the girl in this case have a story written in the stars. It takes a seemingly random series of events & choices, and after all of it, they meet and feel a beautiful spark. You know which one I am talking about! (🦋) It’s so tough to artificially manufacture that feeling, but it makes you feel like you’re one in a million! Such a beautiful state of mind. I always miss that feeling, and that’s why the video and song had to wrap around that concept. It had to be animated because it is the best medium to tell a story like this – vibrant colors, strong emotions, and hand-drawn frames picturize the song perfectly.
I think of that last frame with splashes of deep purples, blues, and oranges across a skyline – reminded me of Mumbai mixed with San Francisco mixed with Seoul. It’s just one example of what animation can make you feel when done right – thankfully we had such a talented Colombian team to make it perfect.


KHIGH: Lastly, how does it feel to see your name on a production? It must be an exhilarating experience, right? What are your thoughts every time you see the name “Kunal Agarwal Productions” after the music video?

KUNAL: I’ll try my best! Imagine on Saturday 9pm, the video is premiering. There are 60,000 people watching – three Madison Square Gardens! All your best friends are around you to celebrate. You can’t think. The only thing you can feel is a million butterflies (🦋) in your stomach. It all flies by so fast but during that 3.5 seconds of black screen time slows to a crawl before the first frame of the video. Another One in a Million moment – unreal!

I am so thankful to every single person who has viewed or listened to the song – means the world to me!
Featured Image – @kunala Instagram
Article Images – Stills from ‘One in a Million’ on YouTube

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!