Blackpink’s lead dancer Lisa grooving on an Indian song sung by one of the participants in the Chinese survival show ‘Youth With You 2020’, is enough to make all the Indian Blinks lose their minds.
Well, I for sure am screaming!

Lisa is currently taking part in the show as a Dance Mentor for the contestants.

But can we just take a moment and talk about how cute she looked while grooving and her big scrunchy smile with it. I broke my UWU button.

We all saw what happened to all the Blinks from all over the world when our lead dancer La Lisa did a cover to Swalla song by Jason Derulo.

Now just imagine her doing something like that with Bollywood Music! 

If you could recommend a Bollywood song Lisa should cover, which one would it be?

(My personal suggestion would be “Garmi” from STreet Dancer 3D :D)