Livon announces the hunt for India’s first all-girls K-Pop band in partnership with 9XO.

The venture just completed its auditions:

  • in Guwahati on November 6 and in Shillong on November 7

The jury comprises popular artists from North East India- Alobo Naga, Alune Tetseo and Kuvelu Tetseo


K-Pop girl group Dreamcatcher also shared a special message for the Indian fans!



The SNS Post announcement By Livon Serum created a virality amongst the Desi K-Pop community, peaking to shock, surprise and confusion.


We got in touch with the Livon representatives to clear the queries raised by you.

Read our exclusive interview below:


KHigh: How was the idea of an Indian K-Pop girl group formed?

Livon: Livon has always believed in being a constant companion for their vivacious, vibrant and stylish consumer and sharing all their new and exciting experiences. The K-Pop genre has created one of the biggest waves in the global entertainment circuit and has gained immense popularity with gen-Z in India as well. More than 10% of our consumers are also obsessed with K-Pop and we wanted to bring this excitement to everyone in India and encourage all lovers of K-Pop to showcase their talent. Therefore, we decided to find India’s first all-girls K-Pop band through India’s Top K-Pop Stars who will get to record a K-Pop music video and release it on 9XO.



KHigh: As you have partnered with the music channel 9XO, will it be telecasted on Television?

Livon: Livon India’s top K-Pop Stars hunt will be promoted across international music channel 9XO and 9XM through on-air promos and on their digital channels. The talent hunt will also be promoted across digital and social media platforms. The final music video will be launched on 9XO.



KHigh: The news has created immense buzz, but with excitement, there’s plenty of questions raised. Can you tell us more about the format of the program?

Livon: The contest is open to all K-Pop enthusiasts in India, with the auditions that were scheduled in Guwahati on the 6th and Shillong on the 7th of November. The chosen band of 5 Indian girls will get a chance to record their K-Pop music video and release it on air with 9XO. K-Pop is not just about music but also about looking fabulous and stylish. These girls will be mentored and groomed by popular music celebrities like Alobo Naga, Kuvelu Tetseo and Alune Tetseo to improve their singing and performance and by the Livon team into getting that awesome K-Pop look.


From Left to Right: Alune Tetseo, Alobo Naga and Kuvelu Tetseo


KHigh: Is the show going to find possible trainees/artists to join a group in Korea or is the group going to be all Indian? Is there a Korean company collaboration?

Livon: With this property, we are giving enthusiasts an opportunity to showcase their love for K-Pop and guide them on styling and performance as they work towards putting the first-ever K-Pop girls’ music album in India. At the moment, we don’t have any collaborations with any Korean companies/organizations. However, we are confident that the final video that comes out early next year on 9XO and 9XM is going to appeal to all K-Pop lovers around and open up many opportunities for the winners.



KHigh: What kind of qualities are you looking for in the Indian K-Pop stars?

Livon: While the show is primarily about singing, we would also want to see the contestants’ stage presence. K-pop is not just a genre of music but a lifestyle that involves music, dancing and oodles of style quotient. Livon India’s Top K-Pop Stars is about a complete package – music, dancing, style and being fabulous on stage.



Livon India’s Top K-Pop stars is indeed a ‘never done before’ venture and is unique to the core. The contest aims to form the first Indian K-Pop girl group, to break it down, the girl group will be consisting of Indian girls singing in Korean. The organizers believe that K-Pop is no longer bound to one nation or ethnicity the zest of K-Pop can be found within anyone that has the talent and vivacious personality for it.

Best wishes to the team and we are truly looking forward to seeing how the contest unfolds and what other elements will it bring out. We also believe that this a great step towards the blend of both cultures and cross-promotion.


What is your take on the hunt for India’s first girl group?