Without all my fans oversees as well as in India, I wouldn’t be able to work on my music.

– BB

Debuted with ‘Reaction” in the year 2016, BB has made numerous tracks exploring different genres of music ever since, prominent being lo-fi hip-hop. ‘Morning Cafe‘ his recent release has been received with the identical warmth BB retained in his music-making since his debut. With over 21,579 monthly listeners on Spotify, the artist have kept the listeners hooked, while his artistry is achieving its own name in the industry.

The indie lo-fi hip-hop artist has had collaborations with artists like Geuneul, Soul Chan, and Tanic and wills to work with other artists as well. Tracks like ‘Flamingo‘, ‘Melting Me‘, ‘3 A.M Text‘, are the brainchild of this exemplary artist.  With its easy-to-listen and calm beats ‘Morning Café’ has made its way to our very own ‘Weekly K-Hip Hop Streaming Guide‘.

Enjoying the calm and delightful spring in Seoul, the artist agreed upon sharing a fresh conversation with KHIGH. He is candid, confident, wise, and honest with his answers.

KHIGH: Before starting your career what sort of music did you want to make? What’s one thing you wish you would have known before you began your career?

BB: Before I started my music career, I didn’t even think that I would be able to write my own song. I was just a boy who likes only singing. And one day I accidentally got a chance to write a song – at that time I was so into hip-hop music, so I really wanted to make a melodic hip hop track then. So, I think it would be better if I have known more about ‘what I like’ and ‘what I am doing well’ before starting my career.

KHIGH: The name is a unique identity of the artist. What is the story behind coming up with the name BB? Does it have a specific meaning?

BB: My older sister is currently living in the US, and she recommended me the name. BB is an acronym for the word ‘big break’, meaning a great opportunity or big hit. Well, I know it’s not that good for an algorithm.

KHIGH: That is a brilliant meaning, and we know for sure, that BB will be the name everyone will be talking about 🙂

KHIGH: The career you choose definitely has many obstacles prominent of which being pressure and stress, how do you overcome them? If you would have not been a singer, what career would you have chosen and why?

BB: When peoples like my music, I feel like all my pressure and stress are totally gone. So I continue doing my work, again and again, to feel that achievement even though I got so many obstacles and stress. I overcome the stress from work by doing work. If I didn’t choose this career, I would be in the animal-related field. For example, working in an animal hospital etc. Because I really love animals since when I was a little kid.


KHIGH: You debuted as a hip-hop based artist and later you made lo-fi music as well. Are there any new genres in music that you want to try in the near future?

BB: I really want to try to make tropical electronic music in the near future. I’m a big fan of ‘Zedd’ and inspired by his music since long ago. I have been always thinking to make tropical electronic music but it seems not that easy I think.


KHIGH: It has been 6 years since your debut, what is the one thing that has changed in BB from 2016 and BB from 2021? What is one thing that is memorable to date from your debut period?

BB: Most big change in the past six years is the style of music that I am pursuing. Also, my mindset. Back then, I just kept tracing my goal and achievement only. But now I’m enjoying the process of making music. The most memorable moment that I never forget is when I got a dm from my first fan saying that ‘I’m a big fan of yours’.


KHIGH: ‘Flamingo’ your recent release definitely had a different vibe to your previous releases. It actually got me curious to know what exactly inspired you to name the track after Flamingo?

BB: At a glance, the lyrics of “Flamingo” seem about a girl. But actually, the song is about Nike Jordan shoes, used ‘Flamingo’ as a metaphor for them. Red high Jordan shoes look like a flamingo’s elegant appearance. Overall production of the song was first done by rapper ‘Geuneul’, then I heard the style and topic of the song and just said like ‘Okay! Cool!’. Then all works were done in a day.

Check out ‘Flamingo’ a track that radiates artistic brilliance.

KHIGH: Drawing the reference from Nike Jordon Shoes to a Flamingo is an excellent metaphorical usage as it shows the brilliant knowledge of an artist in his music. We are impressed and am sure so are your fans 😉


KHIGH: Since you mentioned Geuneul we have observed that You have collaborated with Geuneul on almost 6 tracks including ‘Flamingo’, is there any special memory of working with him that influenced the way you make music?

BB: We are a great team so we ain’t got any problems while we are working together. I think my voice really fits with Geneul’s voice. And I’m inspired by his ability to produce, his lyric styles and his own moods. I’m also a big fan of Geunuel. Maybe I will be able to release a new song worked with him in May.

Image credit @bbnim

KHIGH: Your discography encapsulates tracks that have fresh and smooth vibes, I personally enjoyed “3 A.M Text (Interlude)” from your “BB Lofi album” while working. If you were to suggest any three tracks to your first-time listeners, which tracks will you suggest and why?

BB: First, thanks for enjoying the ‘3 am text’. Through that track, I tried to show a fluttering vibe of tranquil 3 AM texting to someone you are fond of. Three tracks would be like ‘Melting me’, ‘At this time ‘, and ‘Desert flower’. Melting me is the most liked out of all my songs. And ‘At this time’ and ‘Desert flower’ express very well the mood that I like the most and that I am pursuing.

Check out the soulful track and melt with us while grooving to the smooth vibes of ‘Melting Me’ 

KHIGH: In your recent tweets you mentioned the “BB Lofi album” and said it is your identity and you want to become a singer based on this mood and sound. How does the album define you personally and professionally?

BB: Ah, actually my phone got a problem, so I can’t access my Twitter account ever since I created one…  Lol sorry… BB Lofi album can be defined as ‘chapter 1’ of my career. I will try various genres of music, and this album expresses the Lofi sounds – which I am so into it so far- with my own colour. I hope this album will represent me when people remember me.


KHIGH: You are active on social media and you interact with your fans a lot as well. You mentioned you started using Twitter because of your fans, how would you describe your bond with your fans?

BB: As I answered the previous question, my phone has a problem so I can’t do Twitter… sorry. But Instagram works well, so I just use it to share my news. I still remember the first time I release my own album. When I first release the album under the name of BB, I got reported that just 30 people streamed it… (including me). Compared to then, now a lot of fans are listening to my music. Thanks to them, every day I am working on my music with such gratitude. Well, of course, maybe it seems not that huge compared to other big artists. Still, to me, this amount of interest and love from fans is gigantic, grateful and super precious. Without all my fans overseas as well as in India, I wouldn’t be able to work on my music.

Check out ‘Dessert Flower’ and feel the budding love amidst the brazen dessert

KHIGH: Are there any artists you want to work with in the future?

BB: It changes often. A lot. Still these days, I would like to focus on working with Geuneul for better music.


KHIGH: If you could give top 3 tips to someone who would love to have the same career as yours?

BB: First, trying to enjoy the process rather than obsess about the goal. That would be better for mental health. Secondly, open your ears to others people’s feedback in music. It will lead a fast development. Third, experience is actually an important part of creativity. Getting along with many people and having many experiences might help.


KHIGH: Lastly, every artist has a specific motive in making music. What is it for you? How would you love to be remembered by fans?

BB: Through my music, I would like to remind many people of their memories and remembrance of their loved ones. Listener’s happiness is my best inspiration. I want to be remembered as an artist who has his unique musical colour.

Image credits @bbnim

We sincerely thank BB for taking time from his busy schedule to sit with us, all the way from Seoul and for giving us the answers with utmost sincerity and honesty. We wish BB a very successful way ahead and anticipating many more melodious tracks from him.

Loved the interview? which track did you enjoy the most? Or do you have any facts about BB that you want to share with us? Feel free to comment down below. We love reading your precious feedbacks! Until next time, stay safe and healthy 🙂