LOCO Hwasa Somebody!

Rapper LOCO and Mamamoo‘s youngest, Hwasa, have brought a new groovy track to town! Remember, the last time they worked together was for KBS 2TV‘s Hyena on the Keyboard. There, they released and performed ‘Don’t‘, which topped the national charts and earned the duo much praise. Since then, fans have been wishing to get a glimpse of their friendship. Finally, the artists have joined hands again to release ‘Somebody!‘ on July 25, 2022. The awaiting fans get much more than anticipated as the digital single album comes as a set of two songs – ‘Somebody!‘ and ‘Lemon‘; co-written and co-produced by both.


LOCO x Hwasa – Somebody!

Fitting right in with the bright, refreshing yellowy summer vibe, the artists pair up to produce the groovy and funky track, ‘Somebody!‘. It has a quirky chill rhythm – a radiant, airy R&B soundscape over a satisfying beat sequence that mixes well with the unique timbre that Hwasa is known for. LOCO brings in a head-bopping rap verse, after which he joins her in the chorus, bringing forth an enjoyable duet. The cute yet odd music video features the artist-friends in an alienated, barren space filled with burger motifs. They hop around in the heat of the summer, leaving colourful stamps in their wake. They sincerely wish each other to be okay in the warmth of the sun, forgetting the frigidness of the cold.

Lemon‘ uses slightly steadier, retro-inspired synth percussion, similar to their previous release, ‘Don’t‘. As its name suggests, the song tells us to accept the lemons life throws at us, no matter how sweet or bitter they are.


Were you waiting for the most awaited duo too? Did you hear LOCO and Hwasa’s ‘Somebody!’ yet? Has it joined your K-Summer playlist already? Pin all your thoughts on both the songs in the comments below!