Let’s skip the formalities because I am severely fangirling right now!

After a series of interesting teasers that included individual intro posters and Voice teasers, LUCENTE made a fantastic Debut on 18th September with the group’s first EP “The Big Dipper.”

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The group has been in pre debut stage for years and were to debut in 2017, due to some complications sadly it got delayed. LUCENTE had started promotions since last year in countries like India, Japan etc building a very strong fanbase. Finally the most awaited Debut is here, and after seeing the single “YOUR DIFFERENCE” we’re not complaining about the delay at all. Though this being their first track the rap, vocals, dance sequence could not be more seasoned and we are very proud of the boys!

Now if you thought that’s it, nah we got more good news… LUCENTE will be going on their Debut Showcase tour and India is one of the stops!!

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루첸트 데뷔 첫 쇼케이스 초대 공지 -공연일시 : 2018년 09월18일(화) 18:30 -공연장소 : 청담동 일지아트홀 -초대권신청방법 : 9월 16일 20시 DM 선착순신청 -신청방법 : 인스타ID/이름/지역/휴대폰번호뒷자리 -초대명단발표 : 9월16일 22시 댓글로 발표 LUCENTE First showcase notice Date of performance: September 18, 2018 (Tuesday) a concert hall :Cheongdam-dong Ilchi Art Hall invitation ticket Application period: before 20 on the 16th Application method: send here DM on official lnstagram. Instagram ID/name/region/mobile phone number Invitation statement: 22:00 p.m. on 16th. Announcement by instagram Reply LUCENTEデビューショーケースご招待告知 公演日:2018年9月18日(火) 公演場所:チョンダム洞 Ilchiart Hall 招待券申請期間:9月16日20時DM先着順申請 申請方法:インスタID/名前/地域/携帯番号 招待者発表:9月16日(日)22:00時 掲示板に発表

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Mumbai: 27th OCTOBER
Pune: 28th OCTOBER

The 7 members boy Group is very talented and hard working and we have witnessed it first hand, so give all your love and support they’re going to make it real big. Stay shining LUCENTE!

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