Lucknow Kpopers rung the bell for the new year doing what they love!

Recently we covered many events where K-Pop fans came together to celebrate a birthday, dance party or just a meet to discuss a topic which for very long was a quite urge inside them. I think we speak for all when we say… there was a time you felt like you are the only one that gets it, how unique, beautiful and comforting new world was that you discovered. At first its fine to be binging on it all alone, but after a while you look out the window to find one friendly face that you can discuss it with.

That’s how fans in India have felt for a very long time, it’s heartwarming to see such initiatives made and people finding that mutual company and comfort. So if you reading this feels like a loner, just remember you’ll find your K-Pop squad too!


Lucknow Kpopers


Coming back to the Lucknow party held on 30th December, 2018 at The Blue Sapphire, Lucknow, it5 was organised by S Kpop Store in Collaboration with K-Pop Fanclub Lucknow (Twitter: @Bangtanlko). The get together included merch, screening etc. Some people came up and showcased their skills like singing, dancing and rapping. The crowd was hyped and the hall was filled with cheers and fanchants.










An attendee’s statement

“We celebrated the birthday with a TATA cake. We sang the birthday song in Korean and blew the candles together. Everyone held hands on the knife at the same time to cut the cake together.”