Pentagon Cerberus

The maknae line of K-Pop group, PentagonYuto, Kino, and Wooseok have just released a banger track titled ‘Cerberus’. Likening their trio to the mighty 3-headed hound of Hades, the “mayonnaise line” showcase the versatility and evergreen experimental spirit of Pentagon. The track also charted #1 on iTunes Songs Chart in 11 countries which include Chile, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, etc. (at the time of writing). It had also peaked at #3 on iTunes India.

The qualitative and addictive level of the music production of the song is off-charts and even though there are a lot of intertwining elements, the instrumental never seems to be noisy or too crammed. All of the various elements strangely work perfectly together!

The trio’s composition aside, the track also features raspy rap tones and flows, trilingual lyrics, and a magnetic aura exuding out of the funky music video. All of these weaved together, lend an irresistible appeal to the track. It surely is a nice change to see in the Latest Music Tracklist which was filled with mostly pleasant feel-good summertime music uptil now. It was also a pleasing moment to see Kino who is usually a vocalist, show off his rapping skills more profoundly. Pentagon really never fails to amaze its listeners!


Have you listened to ‘Cerberus’ by Pentagon already? What were your thoughts on the track? Which was your favorite part from it? Let us know in the comments.
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