With the number of crises in the world rising, it is fortunate that the number of people willing to help out are also increasing. K-Pop fanbases are no strangers to collecting donations from people to aid those in need. As most of us have heard, recently in Assam it has been heavily raining, causing extreme floods and all the major rivers to overflow.

The admins of @indian.ahgase and @_mamamooindia have gotten together to conduct a donation drive. All the proceeds they collect will go towards helping the people and animals affected by the tragedy currently taking place.

We spoke to the admin of @indian.ahgase and found out that they started the donation to firstly spread awareness about it as people don’t know what is going on due to the lack of media coverage and secondly how disheartened they were by people and animals losing their lives. They ended up collaborating with the @_mamamooindia fanbase who had an ongoing campaign.

The Indian Ahgase admin further stated-

“We as a fanbase want to do this to spread the awareness amongst many people. As many international people are also in this fandom we could reach them easily as a fanbase. We hope that this amount can help the people in Assam. The amount doesn’t matter, even one rupee can make difference. Even if we can help/feed one person, one family, that’s enough.”


As the admin said, even one rupee can make a difference. Conditions are severe, citizens are walking on the streets with water till their waists and the entire Kaziranga National Park is drowning. It is clear that Assam needs help and since the donation drive is still going on till tomorrow (20th July), and we would like to urge you to donate in the link below if possible. Let us all join hands and try out best to save the state of Assam.