After a successful year, despite the pandemic, MAMAMOO is back once again. To celebrate their 7th anniversary in style, they’ve launched their newest project, ‘WAW (Where Are We),’ which comprises a concert, documentary, and a whole new album! Spoiling the fans with snippets of their documentary and the comeback, the quartet is going all out. Released on June 2nd, 2021, ‘WAW’ is their 11th mini-album with 4 songs and ‘Where Are We Now’ as the lead track. Let’s dive into this soft medley of an album full of intense ballads and emotions that will touch your heart.


[WAW] is an album containing the various emotions we felt from the past 7 years since debut & stories of us thinking about ‘where are we now.’ – MAMAMOO

Source: @RBW_MAMAMOO on Twitter


Where Are We Now

Fans knew that this EP was going to be bittersweet but we get right into it as Hwasa begins with her raspy voice accompanied by the melodic notes of a piano. The visuals of the music video are equally soft and devoid of any gimmicks, letting the girls shine through and through with only their vocals. ‘Where Are We Now’ is a soulful ballad as the girls sing about the highs and lows as a group, with their future uncertain.

The song especially has a lot of meaning to Moomoos who have followed the girls’ journey from the very beginning. Wheein and Hwasa, who have known each other since they were kids strike a chord in our hearts while harmonizing at the end with the lyrics, “The two of us who dreamt the same dream together/Where are we now.”


Another Day

Soft and spirited, ‘Another Day’ opts for a delicate arrangement as the theme of showcasing the girls’ vocals continues. Solar’s vibratos during the bridge pave the way for the grand climax of this supposed heartbreak of a song. While this track may seem about a fading relationship, it’s much more nuanced once we realize that this EP chronicle’s MAMAMOO’s odyssey. Moomoos are entrusted with a dark side of the group as we realize that their relationship is not all sunshine and rainbows. But that is exactly what makes them stronger together as seen with the lyrics, ”I don’t want to say things I don’t mean like ‘be well’/Words like this will make us hurt more/Thank you for being with me from start to end.” 


A Memory for Life

A Memory for Life’ is full of mixed emotions that display the group’s human and flawed nature. It takes it a step further as MAMAMOO reveals the hardships they faced buried under yet another breakup song. The lyrics stand out in juxtaposition to the playful but clean arrangement. The woodwind instruments complement the girls’ harmonizing together as they sing, “Like standing on the edge of a cliff/I can’t take a step/…/It’s still a night like that for me/A night hating you like this.” Wheein’s transition from her high notes to falsettos as the song ends leaves you breathless as you ready yourself for the last track of the EP. 


Destiny Part.2

While MAMAMOO may have won ‘Queendom’ with ‘Destiny,’ they opted for a poignant rearrangement of it with classical instruments to keep the spotlight on their voices. Equally melodramatic, this piano version gives the listener goosebumps during the chorus. If the ‘Queendom’ finale was epic, ‘Part.2’ is somber and intense at the same time with this serendipitous track. While the previous two tracks of the EP were melancholic, ‘Destiny Part.2’ is more optimistic.

As the title suggests, the girls sing about supporting each other’s solo ventures believing that if it’s their fate they’ll again get back together. Moonbyul’s verse which was punctuated with synths and drums in ‘Queendom’ takes on a mournful vibe as she raps, “I hope that one day in this place/I’ll be here, You’ll be here/For now, go on your way.


MAMAMOO takes us on a sentimental journey with WAW,’ sharing their nostalgia with us as they review their 7-year journey together. A tearful EP, it exhibits their powerful vocals as they bring their raw emotions to the forefront. On choosing the ballad genre to portray their story, the girls explain their decision, “We’re looking forward to [being] able to show MAMAMOO’s harmony and chemistry, which has been growing consistently, in a more mature way.”


With such a fatalistic overview, do you believe that this is the end or a new beginning for the girls? Which track was your favorite from the EP? Let us know.