MAMAMOO's Moonbyul "6equence"

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul has been proving time and again her proficiency as a soloist since making her solo debut with “Selfish” in 2018. Releasing her 3rd mini-album called “6equence” today, the singer-rapper yet again is on a mission to prove her musical prowess! The 7-tracked EP which features some really interesting choices of song titles (G999, Intro: SYNOPSIS, ddu ddu ddu, Shutdown, etc.), weaves together a tale showcasing different stages of being in love. Right from the first meeting to battling the unabating affection for the lover after a breakup in songs, ‘ddu ddu ddu’ and ‘For Me’,“6equence” by MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul rings with relatability, sentimentality, and all that the most powerful emotion of Love is about!


MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul – LUNATIC [6equence]

After listening to the pre-released tracks with Mirani and Seori, the title track ‘LUNATIC’ seems to be right up there with them in terms of overflowing energy! Singing of being in a relationship that one is tired of but continues to be in, Moonbyul accepts the ennui as part of her love, as she goes from questioning herself with “Why am I acting like this? That’s because I like you?”, to acknowledging “I know it’s not because of you”. What is really surprising and hence, exciting, is the choice of accompanying instrumentation and tempo, which unlike the malaise air that the surrounds the lyrics, is upbeat and colorful. Capitalising on vibrant and rhythmic house beats of the track, Moonbyul also whips up a zestful dance routine to partner with her honeyed-spirited vocals, making ‘LUNATIC’ not just the perfect listen, but also the perfect dance-along jam. One can just feel the hard-work and passion that went into the creation of this bop!


Have you checked out “6equence” and ‘LUNATIC’ by MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul? Which track aside from the EP is your favorite? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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