Mamamoo Solar Face

Solar was the last Mamamoo member to solo debut with the fierce single ‘Spit It Out’ and since then fans have been waiting to see what she would do for her first solo comeback. Well, two years later, she is finally dropping her first mini-album ‘容: FACE’ with the Chinese character being often used for ‘Dragon’. It is also the character used for Solar’s name ‘Yong’. Well, if ‘Spit It Out’ was for her haters as she is unapologetically herself, ‘容: FACE’ is for her fans to whom she wants to show her true self.

The Mamamoo leader released ‘容: FACE’, her first mini-album and its title track ‘Honey’ on March 16. Solar’s 5-track EP immediately trended on social media platforms like Twitter and MelOn. And her fans showed their support by helping her mini-album and its title track chart as ‘Honey’ debuted at #3 on Bugs, #17 on MelOn Latest 24Hits and entered Genie. All of the other b-side tracks also entered the top 60 of MelOn and Bugs. Even ‘容: FACE’ topped iTunes Album Chart immediately on release in 5 regions like Ireland and Singapore, and has now charted #1 in 9 regions in total (at the time of writing).


Solar – Honey [‘容: FACE]

Solar shows her real identity through ‘容: FACE’ as she is also responsible for participating in the making of 4 out of the 5 tracks. ‘Honey’ is a groovy pop song, full of synths and an earworm hook with house elements. The album showed a new side of Solar in various ways as we had the Mamamoo star rapping in ‘Honey’ to including the track ‘Big Booty’ which is a kitschy and cute song that had everyone excited as it is her first self-composed song ever.


Were you looking forward to the first solo comeback of Mamamoo’s Solar? Did you like ‘容: FACE’? What was your favorite part of the ‘Honey’ music video? Let us know in the comments below.
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