MAMAMOO’s Whee In is back with her 2nd solo mini-album “WHEE” after a long series of exciting teasers, concept films, sneak-peeks, etc. to amp up the anticipation for her release. The 6-tracked EP, which comes almost 9-months after her 1st “Redd”, marks her first album with her new agency, THE L1VE. Dazzling right from the lovely titles of the songs like “Pink Cloud”, “Paraglide”, “Letter Filled With Light”, and more, this sophomore album by Whee In seems to convey a light, filled with warmth, hope, and contentment.


Whee In –  Make Me Happy (오묘해)

“Come around, come around, come around/ You make me happy, make me happy”

The title track of “WHEE”, called ‘Make Me Happy’, displays feminine elegance, beauty, and even strength despite the delicate gentleness. The apt and pervasive use of the flower and butterfly motif in the music video to enhance the impact of the romantic lyrics weaved together by Ravi of VIXX, also makes the song’s alluring appeal soar high. The transition from the previous song “water color” which showed a dark room filled with empty frames to this release where a brightly-lit room is canvassed by pretty floral paintings, with Whee In being the grand centerpiece, also ensures the arresting visual experience the music video is aiming for. The music composition also adds a depth of vibrancy and texture to the song – RAVI and Xydo‘s support for their newest joinee really is commendable!

What is however more laudable is how beautifully Whee In’s mellifluent and soulful vocals tie everything together – elevating not just the sonics, but the visuals, the lyricism, the symbolism, and most of all, the pure bliss of being touched by true happiness! It surely is the perfect lead and intro track to this new mini-album “WHEE” which is definitely another great work added to Whee In’s versatile discography.


Have you checked out “WHEE” by MAMAMOO’s Whee In? Which track from the EP is your favorite? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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