Pune being one of the fastest growing cities in India has always been a youth favourite. Be it colleges, coaching centers and corporate hubs cropping now and then has led to a massive number of youngsters in Pune. I lived in Pune for 3 months when i was interning and witnessed the acceptance (one of the many beautiful things) of this city first hand.

So it wasn’t a surprise when the Hallyu wave made its way here, starting from WhatsApp groups to having small meetups in cafes the number was only going up! The call for an organisation or an entity that could bring the fans together and give them the experience, was loud and clear; And that’s when IKCG came into picture.

On 10th November 2017, at the Korean Film Festival (which took place in National Film Archives of India in Pune) the Indo Korean Culture group (IKCG) was formed by the support of Dr. Eunjoo Lim. Ms. Lim has embodied Korean and Indian culture not only in her professional life but also personal life, apart from being a Kathak dancer she is determined to bring unity between the two cultures and showcase the beauty of both, like she found.

Fist meeting of IKCG
Fist meeting of IKCG


She decided to guide the young guns of K-Pop/K-Drama lovers of the city and thus IKCG was established. In their own words:

Our main aim is sharing knowledge and facilitating a better understanding between the two growing communities.
• IKCG promotes healthy communication between members around various themes and aspects of Korean and Indian culture. For this, activities and events, are regularly conducted to get together and explore these diverse cultures together.
• With IKCG, we wish to give the Korean residents of the city a platform to explore
Indian culture and the Indians a chance to understand and appreciate Korean
culture to be able to draw parallels between our two worlds.


Let’s take a look on all they have achieved in Pune since their recent start:

Korean Cooking Class: 14th April 2018, Heemang


Ramyeon Party (In association with Ottugi, BTN and Café Peterdonuts): 11th July 2018, Peterdonuts (Aundh)



K-Razy Dance Party: 18th August 2018, Phoenix MarketCity


BTS Listening Party: 25th August 2018, Cabaret



Hangul Day 14th October, 2018, Cafe Peterdonuts


2nd Mumbai Consul General’s Cup 2018- Open Taekwondo Championships


And now they have brought the biggest event in Pune: The 4th Korean Indian Cultural Festival, that will feature many brilliant performances, K-Pop Concert (LUCENTE) followed by a fan meeting.

They further add:

In the future, we plan to organise multiple different events to generate interest and bring more attention to the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the peninsulas.

And we can’t wait!