Physical illness can be cured and is a subject people talk about openly. But when it comes to mental health people usually refrain from bringing this topic up. Even in 2020 people are still being judged and are ridiculed for seeking help with mental illness; But does that mean people should just quit talking about the most important issue especially during the times of a pandemic?

Even celebrities go through the phase of fear, of losing it all if they openly talk about these issues, but we have examples of artists who openly talked about it and received lots of love and encouragement in return. They hence proved that they value their own health over the fear of judgemental words to be thrown towards them.

Let’s look at a few K-Pop & K-HipHop artists who changed the overlook of how the life of celebrities is behind the limelight.




Lee Byeong-Jae, better known by his stage name Vinxen, is a South Korean rapper. In the year 2018, the rapper released his debut extended play, Smelting. Smelting talks about the times when he was depressed. He was always open about his mental health and talked about his clinical depression.

The album talks about his shattered emotions during those times. In the album, he talked about how he felt like a robot because he hated all human emotions and humans. But deep down he wanted to live like a human again, entangled in the web of his own emotions he felt depressed and wanted to end his life and lived off alcohol. Later he realized how there are others who are fighting the same battle and how his voice comforted them on their endless nights he wanted to face it and become a hope for those who believe in him.

Check out his music below:

Clinical Depression is a mental disorder characterized by persistent depressed mood or loss of interest in day-to-day activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. This disorder can be cured by meditation, talk therapy, medicines, and change in the atmosphere.





IU has always been very open about her struggles with her fans. She once mentioned that when her fame roar to the sky she felt happy but at the same time it stressed her out which led to her feeling anxious at all times.

She is well known for taking good care of her body, but she revealed that her mental healing is equally important. According to her “In order to heal properly, you have to definitely stop to look back and take care of yourself”. She believes in taking time to appreciate little things that bring joy and stop worrying over past events.

She is a preacher of self-love, thus she encourages others to love themselves. In her song “Palette” she talks about things she learned about herself as she turns 25 and comforts herself for the struggles she faced along the way. This song gives the listeners a sense of calmness and warmth that no matter however you are, you are truly fine.

Check out the song below:



The 27 y/o artist has always been open about his struggles in his pre-debut days. The rapper in numerous interviews mentioned being diagnosed with OCD, Depression, and Sociophobia.

He once said, “Anxiety and loneliness stay forever. How you choose to make peace with them that needs a lifetime of consideration”. He talked about his struggles and his inner conflicts in his album Agust D released on 15th August 2016.  The track “The Last” is a song that talks about his struggles in musical depth.

Check out his music below:

OCD can cause excessive thoughts that lead to repetitive behavior. It leads to unreasonable thoughts and fear. Sociophobia is fear of social gatherings, fear of socializing, fear of embarrassment in social situations. These can be treated by talk therapy, exposure, and response presentation, medication. Recently he uploaded his new album which talks about how he overcame his illness.






Kim Hyun-ah better known by the mononym Hyuna is a South Korean Singer-songwriter. She is well known for her fierce and bold nature with a very warm and caring personality. She has also been quite vocal about her mental health. On November 28th, 2019 she posted on her Instagram a picture with lengthy text updating her mental condition.

The post read – that she was dealing with depression, panic disorder, and Vasovagal Syncope. She used to work super hard neglecting her health. She used to faint on stage and that lead to the cancelation of events which made her feel sorry for the staff members who had worked so hard. She is taking medicines and keeping a check on her health now and assured fans to not worry.

In her song “Change” she tells her listeners how despite their genetics, social stigmas, and expectations they can change with their willpower and no one can stop them from getting the change.

Check out the song below:

Vasovagal Syncope is a disorder where the vision gets foggy and the person collapses and sometimes runs out of breathing. This can be cured by avoiding triggering incidents and IV fluids, compression stockings.



We truly hope that the stories of these artists inspire you in one way or the other. The most common thing and advice all these artists have to provide are to talk about your health openly and not to worry about judgments. Mental health is much more important than any possession or materialistic wealth in this world.

Though music helps and boosts your will to combat mental illness it is always advised to consult professional medical assistance. Don’t refrain from seeking help or talking about your condition with your kith and keens.

This Mental Health Week we at KPOP HIGH INDIA want to assure you that no matter what, this hardship will eventually go away and brighter days await you.