Mirani Interview

The rising female rapper, Mirani reflects on her life’s journey to stardom and what lies ahead!

Mirani is a South Korean female rapper who debuted independently in 2020 with the song, “Detective (ft.Make a movie)”. She quite recently came back with her very 1st EP, ‘UPTOWN GIRL’ under GroovyRoom’s label, AREA in 2021. The 7-tracked album marks the ascent of this rapper who came into the limelight through the show SMTM 9, to a higher platform – right among the top forerunners of modern K-HipHop.

With the collaborative display of music styles in the EP of some of the hottest artists like lIlBOI, JayB, ASH ISLAND, Skinny Brown, UNEDUCATED KID, etc., the anticipation had been running high from the get-go. This could be seen right from the pre-release track, ‘Lambo’ which flaunted a more mature and chill side of Mirani, to the title track ‘Tikita’ – a melodic song that showed off her smooth flow and catchy song-writing abilities.

Mapping out her inclination to music, rise to fame, her aspirations (musically and in life), and her undying gratitude for her fans’ support, Mirani passionately expressed her journey in this interview with KHIGH. The multi-faceted rapper might also have revealed her next potential collaboration plans, so read on to find out!

Credits: Mirani Instagram


KHIGH: How did Kim Yoon-jin become the female rapper, ‘Mirani’? Why did you choose this stage name? 

Mirani: I really liked the animation called ‘Detective Conan’. At the time, I was thinking of a stage name that was perfect for me, and while I was watching Conan, I saw the character ‘Miran’ and I was like, ‘Huh? Would it go well with me?’…and ended up naming myself after her.


KHIGH: Your songs always tell the story of coming into the limelight from a humble background. What is that one trait/inspiration that has kept you going until you made it to where you are now?

Mirani: I think the driving motivation was my will to get out of that difficult situation. I thought the way to get out was to do what I was good at and make it even better. Music was my favorite out of all those diverse fields and so naturally, I wanted to be good at it. These series of thoughts made me who I am today.


KHIGH: You have had a breakthrough in your career due to SMTM9 & the all-kill track, VVS. Which Mirani track do you think was the most pivotal – the one you would like to recommend to first-time listeners?

Mirani: I would say ‘VVS’. I only put what was inside of me rather than thinking of ‘What skill should I use?’, ‘How will I look?’ (in the track). It is purely me, without any decoration. 


KHIGH: As a female artist leading the scene, what message would you like to give to the other upcoming female rappers?

Mirani: I’d like to ask them to think a lot about ‘Who am I’ and ‘What kind of person am I’. I also didn’t have a lot of choices of female rapper characters that I could take as my guides to follow; it was really hard that there wasn’t a lot of variety. But I want to tell them that my own character does come out when I diligently think about myself. In the midst of such thoughts, I hope that a rapper named ‘Mirani’ could be of some help!


KHIGH: You debuted as an independent artist and then joined GroovyRoom’s AREA. What would you say is the major difference in operating independently Vs with a label?

Mirani: The biggest difference is that now I have people with whom I can share my thoughts with! I’m quite an indecisive person and it’s really nice to have people whom I can ask what it would be like when doing this or that.

Also, since oppas (GroovyRoom) are producers, it’s nice to be able to ask for a lot of advice musically.

AREA’s Instagram Post: “We are proud to announce MIRANI as the new artist for AREA. Stay tuned for her amazing music and the positive vibes she has to offer.”


KHIGH: From hits like ‘Achoo’, ‘Daisy’, to recent tracks like, ‘Lambo’; your style has been ever-changing. How do you think this progression has influenced your growth as an artist? 

Mirani: To make one piece of music, I think about every little thing..? So, every time I release one, there are so many things I realize and I learn a lot. Looking back at the amassing songs, I think I have gained something more. Everyone has fears about what the outcome will be, but in the end, we need to keep doing it all over again – keep releasing music, accepting the outcome. I’ve come to realize that persevering through all the fears while continuing to rhyme is a necessary element of an artist!


KHIGH: What sounds would you like to try next, now that you have showcased both the soft and swagged-out version of yourself?

Mirani: I really want to make a sound that makes me want to go crazy playing at the concert. We call it ‘Covid-19 singer’, Haha, singers who are active in this pandemic era. I’m also one of them who got spotlighted during this pandemic, so I’ve never done any performance that I can perform, running around (on stage) with a lot of people. 

I want to make a lot of exciting songs that make people hyped and running around, which can be performed right after the pandemic settles down.


KHIGH: You have already teamed up with famous artists like GroovyRoom, Moonbyul, pH-1, Wonstein, etc. Are there any other artists, global or native, who you would like to work with next? 

Mirani: These days, I want to work with AKMU’s Lee Chank-hyuk. I really like AKMU’s latest released albums. Their music is always unique because of their deep colors. I’d definitely want to partake in it once. And among global artists, I’d like to work with Doja Cat. She’s one of the artists that I think is so cool. It is so attractive to see her making so many attempts of changes (musically).


KHIGH: Every listener imagines their own stories as they listen to music. Does this thought guide/ influence your music creation process?

Mirani: Since I am also a listener to other artists’ songs, when I listen to songs that seem to contain their own honest story, I do get sad, happy, and feel a lot of different emotions which I think is the power of music. And I also want my listeners to feel these feelings as well, so I try to express my words and my thoughts as raw as possible. And sometimes it does make me think, ‘Is it too childish?’


KHIGH: Your original music is exemplary, but your song and dance covers seem to get a lot of fan love too. Are you planning on uploading another one soon?

Mirani: I’m yet thinking of a cover song… ㅜ.ㅜ Instead, various live contents regarding my album will come out and I’m about to re-start Mirani YouTube as well!

KHIGH: Besides the upcoming ‘Cult of Ya Fest’ (which is now, unfortunately, being canceled), can you drop hints of any other exciting projects that you are working on?

Mirani: I think there soon will be an online performance that overseas fans can see soon! 


KHIGH: Finally, any last words for your fans?

Mirani: Thank you so much for loving my music more than I do. Thanks to everyone, I can keep making my music and it makes my heart warm all the time. Thank you so much for supporting me!!! Please take care of your health and let’s welcome the new year together as well!! Love you!!


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