Lead Cast of Run On


Anticipation Drove The Viewers Crazy During Runtime And Now The Ending Renders A Missing Feeling

*Spoiler Alert* The JTBC premiered ongoing drama Run On is a rom-com that poignantly brings forth a lot of emotions inside the viewers. The cast starring Im Shi Wan(Ki Sun-Gyeom), Shin se Kyeong(Oh Mi-Jo), Choi Soo Young(Seo Dan-Ah) and Kang Tae Oh(Lee Young-Hwa) has already skyrocketed netizen popularity. Each character is unique and refreshing to watch.

What sets the drama apart from others in the same genre is the slow, yet eye catching narration; Im Shi Hwan’s character ingenuity and the intimate narrative that gains viewer’s interest to applaud the screenwriter Park Min Sook. The drama is not rushed and takes its time to unfold. The leads are a good juxtaposition of each other’s traits. There are no frustrating love triangles, and the stories of both leads cross paths seamlessly.

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Ki-Sun Gyeom’s Character Sketch

The story begins with Ki Sun-Gyeom screening as a National Athlete Runner preparing for a crucial international competition. The athlete is the son of a famous congressman and a renowned actress, what makes the viewers sympathize with Ki Sun-Gyeom is his exploitation by his family- a father paving way for strengthening his political career by carving it off, from his son- a national athlete; a mother who took parenting to be another role played in movies where feigning an amiable public appearance does the job right. From how the story builds up, the drama portrays Sun-Gyeom as a well-brought-up child full of empathy without a real family.

Oh Mi Jo Stands Up For Herself And Is Not Your ‘Damsel In Distress’

Oh Mi-Jo is hired as an interpreter for the prominent athlete by his father and she is a subtitle-translator by profession. As a single child whose parents died when she was young, she has grown up well into a graceful lady in an apathetic world that has looked down upon her at her every step in life. She is a headstrong woman and eccentric in her own way. The two intensify the heat as they kiss in the second episode of the drama due to an intimate situation giving viewers, early hope for a lot more upcoming chemistry.

The First Lead Encounter

Oh Mi-Jo believes in the importance of the right voice which speaks her choice in profession. As the dramatic sequences unravel she finds herself in a convoluted situation where she has to choose between her principles and her job. Her choices up ahead bring the two more close as Ki Sun-Gyeom determines himself to expose the corruption of the National Athlete Training Academy at the cost of his athletic career. Things become severe when the academy turns a blind eye to the reprehensible actions of his peer athletes, till the point his junior ruptured his tendons by being physically assaulted.

Kim Woo Shik Beaten By Senior Athletes

Second Leads Have A Difficult Life

Seo Dan-Ah, the CEO of a sports agency that had a contractual term with Sun-Gyeom helps them out of the muckraking assault case by revealing the truth behind the incident that assumed Sun-Gyeom as the perpetrator. The CEO is the daughter of a political leader married thrice and the first wife’s child. Being a dedicated and highly committed businesswoman. She herself is fighting a battle of her family’s misogyny as she gave up her dream of becoming a soccer player and joined the hunt of who outshines whom for the sake of proving her capabilities. The story behind Seo-Dan Ah’s preference of sports shoes on formals, simply proves every minuscule observation in k-drama has a meaning and background to it.

The CEO’s behavior is piqued by the glimpses of portraits painted by Lee Young-Hwa, who is a young student with a penchant for artistic painting. The later episodes relay a bright future on their chemistry as Seo Dan-Ah is intrigued more and more by his work. What is captivating to watch is the hazy portrayal of the brother-sister relationship, her half brother- a famous K-pop Idol suffering from an anxiety disorder he is desperate to hide. He is someone who looks up to his sister in the hope of ameliorating her feelings of hatred towards him.  Choi Jae Hyun has a child-like character- a naïve personality with a cute volume of ranting, the occasional inclusion of his scenes catches viewers interest for expecting more to their relationship.

The Exciting Story Is Thoroughly Loved

The later episodes portray a lot more romance in the face of a nearing predefined ending for Seo Dan-Ah and Lee Young-Hwa. On the other hand, from Oh Mi Joo’s love and support, Ki Sun-Gyeom finds himself setting off, on the path of self-importance and a principled living; With a motive to restore an emotionally tormented junior back to his feet, and finding him an agency that might recognize him for his talents over family background.

With May, Oh Mi Joo’s close friend and roommate, addressing and accepting her sexuality, the drama goes a step further in becoming a wholesome drama. Mr. Jeong, Seo Dan Ah’s assistant is another quirky character in the drama. Towards the end of the drama, no one could have imagined a nebulous romantic relationship for the two. The later episodes even witness Sun Gyeom’s sister who is a pro-golfer struggling over the family drama and the eventual separation of their parents for the greater good that leads to the utmost realization of a real family.

Run On is one of those dramas which you can term as ‘healing drama’. The dialogues are beautiful, often accentuated with advice. They address the common dilemmas we face in our lives, and the outcomes are often healing and humorous. The pace of the drama is slow but it finds a place in your heart like a flower unfurling its petals and progressing to full bloom.