Gimhae Gandhi Park India-Korea

After the much-celebrated inauguration of the India-Korea Friendship park at Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi in March 2021, it seems it was time to further the India-Korea relations – this time in the Republic of Korea. So, we had the Director of Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre (SVCC), Dr. Sonu Trivedi, and Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Surinder Bhagat, on 11th April 2021, honoring the Gandhi Statue established (back in 2019) at Yeonji Park in Gimhae. The park also boasts of a section that pays homage to Gandhi by being named after him, as “Gandhi Park”. It is quite a proud moment to see and know of this Indian tribute miles away from our home, all the way in South Korea.

All images are sourced from ‘ICCR in Republic of Korea’ official Facebook handle.

Aside from the tribute of reverence to the ‘Father of Our Nation’, the duo also attended the premiere of Queen Hur Opera at Gimhae city (the day before, on 10th April) which brings to life the legendary tale of the marriage of the Indian princess Suriratna and King Suro of Gaya. Further celebrating the ancient connection formed between our two countries through this marriage, Mr. Surinder Bhagat and Dr. Sonu Trivedi also visited the Royal Tomb of King Suro and Queen Hur (or Heo Hwang-ok, the renamed moniker of Princess Suriratna).

Attending the premiere of Queen Hur Opera at Gimhae city.


Visiting the Royal Tomb of King Suro and Queen Hur.

The duo also donated books related to Buddhism to the Gimhae city officials, which most probably is a warm gesture of extending a hand of friendship and camaraderie towards the hardworking South Korean authorities.

A week ago, the Director of SVCC, Dr. Sonu Trivedi had also attended the mesmerizing performance of the classical musician, Kim Hyejin at Donhwamun Traditional Theatre, as she played the Gayageum – a string instrument developed during the Three Kingdom Period in Gaya Confederacy. 


All these graceful exchanges and honors bestowed on each other by our two countries, India and South Korea, are sure signs of the forming of an amiable, symbiotic relationship between them; a connection through which both the countries will benefit as they work towards united sustainable growth.


What do you think of this budding relationship between South Korea and India? Do you think, this amiability will usher in a new wave of Korean culture in India soon? Spill your thoughts in the comments.