Mnet Islam Controversy

The South Korean reality survival show host channel, Mnet is yet again embroiled in a controversy, and netizens all around the world are urging the channel to acknowledge and apologize. Recently, a tweet calling attention to Mnet’s alleged use of the Islamic call to prayer, Adhan (or Azan) for ‘aesthetic purposes’ in the intro of the show, ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was being circulated. It garnered support and indignant remarks from various netizens, especially the followers of Islam, who called the act a disrespect to Islam and their culture.

The stimulating intro of the show does indeed feature a BGM which sounds like a remix version of the sacred Islamic prayer, Adhan and netizens have traced Mnet’s source of the BGM to an English band’s song titled ‘Azan’. Even though it has been a debated point that Mnet might have used the English band, LOSERS’ song, totally unknown to the controversial nature of it, the majority still carry the opinion that an apology is in order regardless.

With netizens raising global awareness on the matter and trending ‘#MnetApologize’, the South Korean broadcast channel has released its stand on the allegations. Mnet has issued an apology, stating that it was an unintentional mistake, and to make reparations, they will re-upload the episode after replacing the background music.

Mnet’s Statement


This redressal however seems “incomplete” to the netizens, who are demanding an apology not just for the usage of the song but also for the disrespect the act exhibited towards their religion, Islam, which was the main reason for the indignation aroused.

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