MNET KINGDOM – The male counterpart of the idol group competition show ‘Queendom‘ and is the sequel to ‘Road To Kingdom’. ‘Kingdom: The Legendary War’, featuring some of the hottest groups in the industry right now, is all set to grace the stage on the 1st of April.  If you’re unaware, here’s everything you need to know about the show.

The show will exhibit  BTOB 4U, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, iKON, SF9 and winners of the prequel- The Boyz, as they face each other head-on in a fierce tussle.  

On the 23rd of February, Mnet released an introductory episode where each group was given 100 seconds to prove their mettle to the audience. Post a spectacular showdown, the series garnered industrial attention and the fans were left wanting more. Mnet set up a global vote which was open till the 27th of February on WhosFan.

Ahead of the show’s upcoming commencement, the fans are working as hard as their idol groups in preparation. Forming social media groups, Twitter threads with tutorials on voting, fresh updates and countdown, the fans have taken it upon themselves to leave no stone unturned in supporting their favourites.

Mnet seems to have noticed this budding hype after the introductory episode and has generously been fuelling the audience. On the 4th of March, Mnet released a sit-down conversation episode with the two charming rookie hosts Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ. The MCs reacted to the introductory stages, their views, spoke to the show staff and delineated the show concept.

The entire concept of the show revolves around finding “Who Is The King?”, and “Who Will Bear The Weight Of The Crown”, creating an atmosphere of elegant yet ferocious competition.

The MNET KINGDOM team revealed that a precursor special stage for the show will be released this week in anticipation of the first episode.

On the 16th of March, posters with the individual concepts of each group participating in MNET KINGDOM: The Legendary War, were dropped with a defining caption for each. The posters are snapshots of moments from the introductory stage performances where each group was passionately submerged into showcasing what they’re bringing to this feast.


Elegantly dressed in a monotone colour resembling angels, BTOB 4U, the new subunit of the legendary group BTOB, has one rippling message: Dreamers don’t die. The group’s dreams of winning and success will see them fighting without fearing a full stop.


Forming a stunning throne that emanates light, iKON members are prepared to claim their win with open arms. With the telling line, “iKON Is Coming To Town” which relays more than it seems, iKON just wants everyone to be prepared for the full-throttle that they’re about to cause.


SF9’s purpose is clear- regardless of the Kingdom’s crown, they’re here to reign your hearts. Dressed like charming gentlemen, the 9 boys are seen walking effortlessly, oozing with swagger and sex appeal as they’re on their way to “Dive Into Your Heart”.

The Boyz

Wielding the sceptre as Kings of the prequel show ‘Road To Kingdom’, The Boyz’ tagline is succinct- “Welcome To Our Kingdom” – what sounds warm and comforting to the fans is a threat to the other contestants. They pose gracefully in a hypnotic stance that replicates divinity as they welcome you into a Kingdom, already theirs, challenging the rest to the position.

Stray Kids

In a genesis of power, menace and eyes that challenge you to test them out and “Imprint Those Flavours On Your Palate”, Stray Kids use lyrics from their hit ‘God’s Menu’ looking like the namesake. A dark and defensive theme characteristic to the group, Stray Kids, and their electric performances is one to seriously watch out for.


In an enticing aerial composition radiating fierceness, fight, passion and provocation, the 8 members of ATEEZ rise high to let on concisely: “8 MAKES 1 KING”. In this Game Of Thrones, the eight of Ateez proclaim their emergence as The King.


MNET’s Kingdom: The Legendary War’s 1st Episode will air on their YouTube Channel from the 1st Of April, 2021 at 7:50 p.m. KST (4:20 P.M IST).

Which group are you going to make the King? Let us know in the comments!