Mokkoji Korea

Global Hallyu festival, MOKKOJI KOREA – India week came to a successful end on 10th October with their MOKKOJI Live that featured K-POP favourites, AB6IX, Pentagon, and MonstaX. The festival was organised for Indian Hallyu fans from 4th October and focused on events like Brand Exhibition, Mini Talk, fan meets and an online Live Talk Concert. Although most events solely focused on Indian fans, a few were available to fans worldwide like, Mini Talk and Live Talk Concert.

The festival added to the celebratory mood of Indian fans. Let’s give you a quick rundown of the events and relive those moments once again!

Brand Exhibition

This event focused on the promotion of Korean brands that also operate in the Indian market. A total of 16 different brands participated in the exhibition like Sun and Moon Korean Restaurant, Inko Edu815 (online teaching platform), Korean Food Market, Wang Ramen, Hello Jadoo (Korean children’s show), Picocity Trading, Kino Hair Salon, and secret Key (skincare).


In this event, K-pop stars and YouTube creators introduced the K-Lifestyle. AB6IX were the first ones in this series. They challenged their tastebuds with various curries and kimchis to find the best combination of both. They also introduced us to many Korean skincare hacks. Pentagon came live to teach us Korean on the occasion of Hangeul Proclamation Day. They taught us different Korean phrases to use in certain situations and used their song ‘Baby I Love You‘ to teach Korean.

Kamiya Jani, otherwise known as the Curly Tales, took us to the Sun and Moon Restaurant located in Mumbai. She introduced us to her favourite Korean dishes and also interviewed some of the regulars of the restaurant. Debina Bonnerjee, an Indian actress and influencer, taught us her simple ways to do Korean natural makeup. Youtuber Poonam, who lives in South Korea, experimented with different K-Drama inspired looks through her daily vlog.


The most highlighted event of the festival, MOKKOJI Live, was divided into two segments – the first was the online fan meet, where the participants were selected from the applications sent by local Indian residents before the event.

The second segment was the highly anticipated live online talk concert where K-Pop stars, AB6IX, Pentagon and MonstaX performed and got to experience aspects of Indian culture and presented the features of Korean culture to 150 live Indian audiences and the rest of the world.

First, in the lineup, AB6IX started the show off with their performance of ‘Cherry’. A lucky Indian ABNEW (AB6IX’s fandom name) got the chance to converse with them directly. AB6IX confessed their love for Indian fans in Hindi (“मुझे तुमसे प्यार है” translated to “I love you”)! They further introduced us to the various moves of Taekwondo, a martial art form that originated in Korea. In return, they got to experience various Yoga asanas like Padmasana, Paripurna Navasana, Dhanurasana and Halasana. Another fan, Tanishi, got to ask them a question up close on how they keep themselves cool in uneasy situations. AB6IX said goodbye with their performance of ‘Do You Remember‘.

Next up was Pentagon, who got everyone joyous while performing ‘Baby I Love You‘. It was a special day for Pentagon, who were celebrating their 5th anniversary as a group! A lucky Indian Universe (Pentagon’s fandom name), Aditi, got the opportunity to ask them to sing her, ‘Shine’. Later, they introduced us to traditional Korean healthcare methods like herbal tea and their benefits. Another Universe, Sanchayi, took this opportunity to tell Pentagon about the contribution of Indian Universes made to the World Wide Fund of Nature India for the conservation of Royal Bengal Tigers on the occasion of Pentagon’s fifth anniversary. She also introduced Pranayama to them, a yogic breathing exercise that helps to alleviate stress. They said goodbye with the performance of ‘Do or Not‘.

The last on the lineup, MonstaX started their part with a bang with the performance of ‘Gambler’. They introduced us to the Korean alphabet ‘한글’ (Hangeul) through their fun calligraphy. An Indian Monbebe (MonstaX’s fandom name) got the chance to introduce them to Hindi and got to ask them to do aegyo. They also wrote some Hindi words for us like, ‘प्यार’ (love) and ‘आशा’ (hope) and more, and confessed their love in Hindi! The show ended with MonstaX performing ‘Love Killa‘.

Check out the whole show here!

It was a pleasant week with MOKKOJI KOREA and its events. It was fulfilling to share and exchange our cultures with our favourite K-Pop artists. We hope to see MOKKOJI KOREA back in India in the upcoming years!

Did you watch MOKKOJI KOREA events? What was your favourite part? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!