MONSTA X One Of A Kind

Coming back for the second time this year, with their much-anticipated 9th mini-album, ‘One Of A Kind’, MONSTA X has garnered love and support from all their fans worldwide. Monbebes all across the globe have already helped the album grab the top spots on various music charts including iTunes Album and Song charts. The album has debuted at #3 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart. The Indian Monbebes also very dedicatedly did their bit and already have ‘One Of A Kind’ sitting at the #2 spot on iTunes India Album Chart!

Along with the title track ‘Gambler’, the album which promises a showcase of JOOHONEY, I.M, and Hyungwon’s songwriting abilities, has 6 other epic tracks, including the Korean version of a previously released single, ‘Livin’ It Up.’ All these songs are also capturing various spots on iTunes India Songs Chart – ‘Livin’ It Up’ is at #8, ‘Rotate’ at #9, ‘BEBE’ at #10, ‘Secrets’ at #11, ‘Addicted’ at #12, ‘Heaven’ at #12, and ‘GAMBLER’ at #14 (at the time of writing).

The Album has also grabbed the #12 spot on Bugs and #13 on Genie Music Charts already. Septet MONSTA X seems to be well on its way to capture many more spots on music charts worldwide and break previous records as ‘One Of A Kind’ steadily inches towards the highest number of Hanteo 1st day album sales. The group is also trending No. 1 on MelOn real-time search while the title track’s music video is trending No. 1 on Youtube worldwide.


One Of A Kind’s ‘GAMBLER’

Looking sleek and magnetically charming in their classic black suits which are styled differently to bring out each member’s individual charm, the title track ‘GAMBLER’ proves once again why MONSTA X is the boss when it comes to hard-hitting, rapper-heavy tracks.

Opening up with a heavy-reverberating bass paired with soft, enticing vocals and deep, English ad-libs, the song then taps into electrifying rock guitar mixed in with some playful whistling to bring out the bewitching quality of I.M’s verse. When ‘GAMBLER’ reaches its apex, the suave dance break kicks in which features the most ear-pleasing and hyping beats alongside resonant vocals of Shownu and I.M. Set like an elite gambling scene, the music video is also an eye-catcher. This track hence holds testimonial of the fact that this comeback of MONSTA X will make it to a lot of playlists of several listeners all around the world very soon!


Have you checked out the album yet? Which song among these 7 bops is going to make it to your playlist? Spill your thoughts in the comments.