MONT Concert and fan meet

The trio that mesmerized capacity crowd in the “Hornbill International Music Festival” with their dulcet vocals, on point choreography and stunning visuals are all set to burn the stage in Imphal in their first desi pre-debut concert! That’s right, MONT has announced their pre-debut concert and a fan meet in India!




MONT is a three member K-POP band consisting of Narachan, Bit SaeOn and Roda. They recently made news due to their vocal and dancing abilities in the YG produced survival show “Mix Nine”! Their fan base is called as “MINT” and you better remember this because SOON you might become one!


Name: Jung HyunWoo
Stage name: Narachan
Position: Leader, Lead Vocals
Birth date: September 23rd, 1996


Name: Kim Sang Yeon
Stagename: Bit SaeOn
Position: Vocal
Birth date: June 4, 1995


Name: Shin Jungmin
Stagename: Roda
Position: Maknae, Rapper, Composer
Birth date: September 10, 1998

The concert is being held in Imphal, this December 29 while the fan meet is being organized in Dimapur, on December 26. The events are being organized by Pink Box Events and The Machu. The tickets have been up for sale for a few days already and they have been truly selling out like “hot cake”!

Interested to be part of the events? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!