The news is out, our favorite trio will be coming back to India right after their comeback.

For those who don’t know MONT is a three-member K-POP band consisting of Narachan, Bit SaeOn and Roda. They created buzz due to their vocal and dancing abilities in the YG produced survival show “Mix Nine”! Their fan base is called as “MINT”. Last year MONT rocked everyone’s heart with their performance in the Hornbill International Music Festival and later a concert in Northeast India.


Pink Box Events have released a series of important information regarding the tour with fan club partners – Mumbai (IKFM) & Bengaluru (BKF).


According to their sns their might be one more city added in the lineup.


Interested to be part of the events? Click below:

MONT For You In Bengaluru

MONT For You In Mumbai


Check out their Comeback Teaser: