K-Pop Powerhouse MONSTA X who has been at the top of its game since debuting in 2015 and tiding over several difficulties that came its way, has prepared a special gift for their fans in the form of a movie. Titled ‘MONSTA X: THE DREAMING’, the movie is a celebration of their 6-year journey and is aimed at invigorating the burning spirits of Monbebes and members alike.

To challenge, evolve, dream, and celebrate these magnificent achievements and a bright future of MONSTA X together with their fans, the boygroup is bringing the movie to movie theaters in more than 70 countries around the world. It will offer fans an intimate and nostalgic outlook through its well-planned segments: one-on-one interviews with each member, personal stories from their time in America, a unique concert clip exclusively for Monbebes, and power-packed performances of some of their worldwide hits (including an Exclusive First Look of ‘The Dreaming,’ ‘One Day’ and more from their upcoming album, ‘MONSTA X: THE DREAMING’).

 “Is it the knowing, Is it the seeing, Or Is It…The Dreaming”

Releasing around the globe on December 9 and 11, after an early release in Korea on December 8, 2021, ‘MONSTA X: THE DREAMING’ is yet to have a confirmed release date in India and Brunei. However, upon hitting the screens, it is sure to leave the fans rejoicing the odyssey of the group from unfledged rookies to dominant veterans of the industry. The movie premiere will also be extra special as the film will be made available in various formats including “ScreenX,” “4DX,” and “4DX Screen” in certain select locations. Cheers to more colorful years together with MONSTA X!

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