Fans are the soul of any K-Pop event that takes place in India especially KPOP CONTEST that we all (im) patiently wait for. You’ve seen our post-event coverages but this time we thought we’d hear it directly from you.
Down below we have fans that share their experience of this year’s KPOP CONTEST INDIA finale.
A day before the contest I started calling my friends whomever I know, are fans of kpop to get the Pass but I didn’t get it and also they said they won’t be able to make it. At first, I was a little bit disappointed but I decided to go even without the Pass with full confidence that I can get the passes on the spot. I arrived at the venue 3 hours ahead to get the passes. I started asking people around if they had any extra but no luck. Meanwhile, I saw from the windows Alexa was on the stage doing her rehearsal seeing it I felt so excited thinking even if I can’t get the pass I can go back home happily after seeing her and IN2IT on the stage.
But I wanted to attend the full program so I again went out asking people around. The reason I came to the venue in spite of being alone so I could talk to people and make new friends. There I met two sweet and beautiful friends who were ready to adjust me with the pass I was so happy that I finally can go inside.
Credit: Hriidziia
The most fun part was just before the program began, LG put on music on their speakers and random dance began amongst the crowd even though I don’t know how to dance I enjoyed myself. I was cheering all the contestants with a full heart. And yes I was amazed by the dance of Exo “love shot” They performed it so well, they deserved to win.
The ending was the best of all I was waiting for the moment as soon as Alexa was on the stage I couldn’t help but jump out from my seat and run near the stage and started cheering and dancing. She is amazing and talented. And also at first when I saw IN2IT my heart skipped a beat. During their performance, I was telling who is the best and handsome but I could not decide because they are all so handsome and talented. I like their songs “Sorry For my English” the best.
Credit: Hriidziia
It was my first and best experience with kpop. I would like to thank LG, KPOP High India, NAMAS-K and whoever makes many young dreams come true meeting their idols. God bless everyone I hope in the future many more kpop groups will be coming to India and making everyone happy and connected to kpop music.

This was my first kpop event that I was able to attend. Thankfully my friend already got a pass for me or else I don’t think I would be able to get a pass on the day of the event. The event was supposed to start from 4 pm onwards but I could see the excitement in people as the crowd was already there from 1 pm only and few were there from morning too. It did not matter if you were alone or in a group if you loved k drama or kpop more if you were an EXO, BTS, BLACKPINK, or any other group fan, everyone had the same level of excitement.

The arrangements made were remarkable thanks to NAMAS-K for doing the arrangement so beautifully as soon as we entered the stadium they had a beautiful photo booth with the instant picture given, a perfect way to save the memory… The seating arrangement and all the volunteers were very helpful to us. And then the most awaited show began. The participants were so good that I even forgot for whom I should cheer for, all did great hard work. We were always dancing or singing together from the seat even the fan chats were getting louder and louder after every performance. The most awaited time came when the famous boy band IN2IT & ALEXA were gonna perform!

Alexa entry performance was my favorite let’s say I was a little biased there (because of growl) the amazing performance of IN2IT on their comeback song, the cute little way they tried to speak in Hindi and tried to teach us the dance step. 😍

All together the contest was amazing and gave the feeling as if you were there in Korea itself! Thank you to both KCCI & NAMASK that my wish and dream became a reality. I really hope that more such events can happen and kpop is more promoted in India.




Mudita Singh:

I’m glad I got to be a part of the finale event. On top of everything I just want to mention that my prior reason to be a part of this event was to support my friend Rachna from THE LOKALZ CREW and seeing them win this whole thing made me feel so proud since they’ll be performing in South Korea’s Changwon Festival now.

Everyone who performed at the KPOP Contest was so talented and deserve the world no matter if they made it to the finals or not. Every performance that I saw that day was so powerful, those guys totally had us into their performances. Their stage presence was so attractive. I legit cried during the Euphoria, Jamais vu and the truth untold performances. There were times when the entire stadium (including IN2IT and Alexa) raised the phones with backlights on and trust me, NO amount of words can express how beautiful it was.



The best part about this event was that it brought people from all the Kpop fandoms together. People supporting performances of other groups showed how powerful Kpop fans can be when they unite. When everyone present in the stadium did the fanchants during the performances, I literally got goosebumps because we were so loud and it was crazy to be a part of such a huge crowd. I’ve always seen such crowd fanchants in videos uploaded by international fans but to finally experience something like this in my country was a dream come to true.
After the grand finale was over, the next thing we knew was that it was finally the time for Alexa & IN2IT to perform right in front of us. I was excited about their comeback and I can’t believe I got to see them perform ‘RUNAWAY’ before the official release. I can’t explain how much IN2IT means to me since IN2ITXION was my first tour ever. Both IN2IT and Alexa are amazing artists and the finest performers and of course, they’re super kind and loving towards their fans. Everyone had an amazing time. They were so interactive with their fans. I’ll forever be grateful to IN2IT because they’re the reason why I found so many great friends I have right now. Lastly, I’m so happy that we got an opportunity to give our fanbook to them <3.  I hope to see them again soon.

Credit: Mudita

How was your experience, do share with us in the comment!