NCT 127 Sticker

NCT 127 released their much-awaited ‘Sticker’ on 17th September 2021. ‘Sticker’ marks their third Korean studio album to be released, the MV for the title track for this album was released under the same name as the album. NCT 127 members Mark and Taeyong are credited for writing the rap verses of the track. The MV had already acquired 1.5 million views within an hour of its release. ‘Sticker’ also garnered #3 on Bugs, #17 on Melon within an hour of the release! The album also cemented #1 on iTunes India (at the time of writing). The pre-orders have also already reached 1.3 million (at the time of writing), thanks to the fact that the K-Pop powerhouse is making a fierce comeback.


The MV opens up with bright colors as background with silhouettes of 9 members dancing flawlessly. The catchy track will get the fans hooked to ‘Sticker’ like an adhesive. The track displays the stupendous skills of the members as they match their movements to every beat of the track with what seems like a cowboy theme, making the MV a fresh concept for the group.

Exploring the powerful bass in synchronization with rhythmic vocal skills, the track emits the major hip-hop dance vibe. Through ‘Sticker’ the members are asking their love interest to stay with them always just how strongly a sticker sticks.


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