After almost five years of debut, NCT Dream has finally made a comeback with their first full album, ‘Hot Sauce‘. It’s also their first album after Mark rejoined the group after NCT Dream was reinstituted as a fixed unit. Returning after a year with a fiery, hot summer comeback with ‘Hot Sauce’, the group has matured their image from being cheerful and bubbly teens. The album is packed with 10 tracks showcasing the group’s strong and hot side.

Fans all over the world are rightfully rejoicing as the album has achieved high ranks on global charts within its first day on 10th May, making the group reach #3 on Global Digital Artist Ranks. It has topped the iTunes Charts worldwide in 37 countries like Brazil, Canada, Finland, and more, including India. The album peaked at #1 on Indian iTunes Album Charts within hours of release!

All the 10 songs of the album have also made it into the Indian iTunes Songs Chart – Hot Sauce’ at #2, ‘Diggity’ at #15, ‘Countdown’ at #21, ‘Rocket’ at #22, ‘Dive Into You’ at #23, ‘Rainbow’ at #54, ‘Be There For You’ at #55, ‘Irreplacable’ at #56, ‘ANL’ at #57 and ‘My Youth’ at #58 (at the time of writing).

NCT Dream Hot Sauce

It’s a delight for Indian NCTzens to see the group do victoriously well for their first studio album in our country. The music video was also trending in various regions of India on YouTube. The album is reaching beyond expectations in streams, charts, and physical sales.

Hot Sauce

‘Hot Sauce’ has enthralling instrumentation mixing the Latin sways with Hip Hop, especially the chorus which boasts of percussive bass and guitar. The song caters to the summertime, spicing up the mood as the name suggests. These seven boys evince the irresistible need to feed the addiction the listener has for them. The music video has a unique, flamboyant Latino restaurant setting where the members highlight exuberant choreography to match the theme of the song. The remaining album is equally lively, underlining various motifs of youth and friendship and insinuating the new side of the group.

NCT Dream has set a new milestone in its blooming career with the release of ‘Hot Sauce’, also surpassing 1.7 million preorders. As an NCT subunit, the group has done exceptionally well, hitting all the margins – we can say that the Dreamies (as the fans lovingly call the boys) have a bright road ahead! This release has also shown the group’s potential in India and we as Indian NCTzens couldn’t be more proud to see our seven boys grow so sublimely.

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