NCT's Mark Child

When SM Entertainment announced that NCT’s Mark was to release his first-ever solo single, ‘Child’ in February, NCTzens worldwide couldn’t sit still and were already rejoicing the news. Now, on 4th February, as the new single has dropped, the excitement couldn’t get any higher! The first release of the new ‘NCT Lab’ music project which promises more interesting releases (solo and otherwise) by the NCT members aside from their official ones, ‘Child’ by NCT’s Mark offers an alluring glimpse into the project’s potential and the artist’s own great finesse.


NCT’s Mark – ‘Child’

‘Child’ by NCT’s Mark might be his first-ever solo single, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! The experimental composition that banks on transitions so smooth that it is quite stunning, and the raw, self-reflecting lyricism of the song, proves Mark’s lyrical and compositional prowess. The electric guitar riffs at the beginning set an atmospheric and suspenseful mood, which is followed adeptly by Mark’s sentimental vocals that resonate just as much with the listeners, as the bass synth that follows it!

The rap verses by Mark also seem to belong to another side of his musical spectrum than usual, as we see Mark’s usual power-uptempo rap flow get traded for more tender and subdued flow. The unembellished honesty of lyrics like, “If a dream is the sun, my mind is like the Earth revolving around the sun” and “I’m a child, I can’t be the person you want” as Mark questions the idol-reality he lives in, is also something that makes an unforgettable impact on the listeners. To say that Mark has really kicked off the ‘NCT Lab’ project with a blast, wouldn’t be an understatement! It also amps up the anticipation for the NCT Dream comeback in March, of which Mark will be a part of.


Have you checked out ‘Child’ by NCT’s Mark? Are you excited for the ‘NCT Lab’ project as well? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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