NCT Taeyong Concert India

On July 1, 2021, as NCT’s leader, Taeyong turned 26, he held a VLive in his dorm to celebrate his birthday with his fans. Member Doyoung too was present during the VLive as he had got him a celebratory cake. The two spent the VLive talking to fans and reading their comments, including one that was written by an Indian NCTzen.

An hour and 30 mins into the Live, Taeyong saw a comment written in Korean and read it aloud, “Are you going to come to India for the concert?” He smiled and replied, “Of course. If we can go.” He then asked Doyoung if they’d ever performed in India before, which they, unfortunately, haven’t. NCTzens however are gladdened by the fact that Taeyong would like to hold the concert in India if he could.

With the number of Indian K-Pop and NCT fans growing daily and the support shown by NCTzens for the boys’ releases, we hope that SM Entertainment notices us and puts India as a destination on the next NCT World Tour. 

Did you watch Taeyong’s birthday live too? Are you excited to see an NCT concert in India? Spill your thoughts in the comments.