With the Hallyu wave being at its peak in the country, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the New Education Policy has adapted the Korean language as an option for foreign language, along with Thai, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian etc. at the secondary level for a three-language formula.

Also, the Korean Embassy and the KCCI have suggested the adoption of the Korean language to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Human Resources Development during their process of collecting data for the new policy.

Korean Cultural Centre India has constantly shown its determination in building up the base for Korean as a subject in Indian schools, since it’s inception on 13th December 2012. They also have MOU with 105 schools where they conduct Korean language classes and cultural experiences for the students.

The Ambassador Shin Bong-gil also expressed that this is a ‘symbolic measure’ representing growth in Indo- Korean relations and the hope that this will also bring interest in Indian culture back in South Korea.

In addition, the KCCI is in the process of opening a Korean- Language Teacher Training Course with opportunities for 23 candidates, who have been selected for a  15-week intensive program which will take place from 17th August to 24th December. These teachers will then be prepared to go and teach in Indian schools and colleges. The KCCI is also starting a Korean- language hobby class from the 18th of August 2020, details of which you can find on their Instagram account.

This is a huge opportunity for young Indian students who have a vast interest in South Korea and it’s culture.