New K-Dramas with K-Pop Idols

More and more idols are venturing into acting. Some of the latest dramas have idol actors proving their worth like 2PM’s Taecyeon in ‘Vincenzo’ and GOT7’s Jinyoung in ‘The Devil Judge.’ It also allows underrated dramas a chance to shine if an idol is attached to it since their loyal fanbase helps direct the general viewer’s attention to it. So, it is no surprise that there are more than 18 K-Dramas starring K-Pop idols for the second half of 2021 that have just been announced so far. Well, here are 10 new and upcoming and ongoing K-Dramas starring idols with release dates


Blue Birthday

Source: @yerimiese on Instagram

Air date: July 23 

Idols: Pentagon Hongseok, Red Velvet Yeri 

Blue Birthday is a romantic thriller that takes a supernatural turn when Oh Ha-rin played by Yeri realises that she can go back in time to save her first love, Ji Seo-joon played by Hongseok. With playful teasers expectations of the idol couple’s chemistry were high. The 16-episode drama aired its first episode on July 23 and will go on till September 11.


Police University

Source: @kbsdrama on Instagram

Air date: August 9

Idols: ex-B1A4 Jinyoung, f(x) Krystal

Police University is a campy detective drama where a police academy professor ends up teaming with two of his students to investigate a case that leads to chaos and hijinks. Krystal plays the tough and devoted student Oh Kang-hee who takes this opportunity to prove her worth. Her co-star happens to be former B1A4 leader Jinyoung who plays the second student in the team. He is dense yet endearing and also happens to be a hacker. It aired its first episode on August 9.


The Guys I Want To Catch

Air date: August 30 

Idols: Highlight’s Dongwoon, Pentagon’s Wooseok, Teen Top’s Niel, Victon’s Sejun 

The Guys I Want To Catch is another fun cop show where the four idols play failing police trainees and are dubbed the ‘F4’. With ludicrous reasons as to why they want to become police officers, they get together and try to catch criminals. The web drama finished filming and aired its first episode on August 30 on Dingo’s YouTube.


Love in Black Hole 

Source: Naver post

Air date: September 17

Idols: BAE173 Hangyul and Doha, DIA Heehyun, SF9 Jaeyoon, WJSN SeolA, 

Love In Black Hole is a sci-fi romantic high school drama with SeolA playing the lead character Eunha. She receives a love letter through a white mysterious hole that acts as a catalyst for incidents surrounding her childhood friend Taeyang, played by Hangyul. Jaeyoon plays the cool popular guy who has trouble opening up. Doha is a younger chaotic student who is the mood maker while Heehyun is a rebellious and aspiring musician. Filming was completed in the second week of July and the show will air on September 17. The web drama will have 12 episodes.


Yumi’s Cell

Air date: September 17

Idols: GOT7’s Jinyoung, SHINee’s Minho

Yumi’s Cell starring Kim Go-eun of Goblin fame is a psychological romantic drama similar to the animated film Inside Out. Seen through the eyes of Yumi’s cells in her head, the drama follows the life of Yumi, an average office employee. Jinyoung will be playing Yoo Ba-bi/Bobby who is Yumi’s second boyfriend. Minho will be doing a special cameo as he will appear as Cheol-gi, a co-worker of Yumi. The 14-episode drama began filming in April 2021 and will air on September 17.


One the Woman 

Air date: September 17 

Idols: EXID Jeonghwa, The Boyz Younghoon 

One the Woman starring Honey Lee and V.I.P‘s Lee Sang-yoon is a rom-com with a case of mixed identities that starts off with a lawless prosecutor getting into a coma and losing her memories. Hilarity ensues as she is believed to be the naive daughter-in-law of a ‘chaebol’ family. Jeonghwa plays the supporting role of a news announcer who will do anything to fulfil her ambitions. Younghoon, on the other hand, plays the younger version of the male lead who still hasn’t forgotten his first love all these years. It will reportedly air on September 17.



Source: MBC’s Naver post

Air date: October 11

Idol: SF9 Rowoon 

Also titled ‘Affection,’ the historical drama follows the life of the forgotten King Lee Hwi who in reality was a woman. Rowoon plays the noble Jung Ji-won, a teacher to Crown Prince Lee Hwi. Complications arise as Lee Hwi ends up falling for Ji-won. With her monarchy on the line, the Crown Prince has to choose between her country and love. Based on the webtoon with the same name, it will have 20 episodes. The release date has reportedly been postponed to October 11 due to a mishap on set.


Urban Myths: Tooth Worms

Air date: October

Idols: AleXa, BTOB Minhyuk, Golden Child Jaehyun, ex-Infinite’s Hoya, Lovelyz Jisoo, Oh My Girl Arin, Monsta X Shownu, The Boyz Juhaknyeon, WJSN SeolA and EXY 

Also titled ‘Goedam 2’, it is a horror anthology with different stories in each of the 10 episodes. It focuses on all kinds of horror from supernatural elements like mannequins to real-life horror like cyberbullying. It is being produced by Netflix and is reportedly set to air in October while some news agencies claim that it might be released by the end of the year.


Only One Person

Source: @_imyour_joy on Instagram

Air date: December 6

Idol: Red Velvet’s Joy 

Only One Person starring The King: Eternal Monarch’s Kim Kyung-nam and Ahn Eun-jin is a romantic melodrama that begins with a terminally ill woman who wants to kill at least one bad man in her life but ends up meeting the love of her life. Joy plays the second main lead Seong Mi-do. She too doesn’t have much time to live and has a decision to make that could affect her successful influencer persona. Filming for the drama is said to have started in July and will reportedly air on December 6. 


Twenty-Five Twenty-One 

Source: @wjsn_cosmic on Twitter

Air date: December 27

Idol: WJSN Bona 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One starring Start-Up‘s Nam Joo-hyuk and Space SweepersKim Tae-ri is a romantic sports drama that follows the relationship of a male reporter and a female fencing athlete from age 22 and 18 to age 25 and 21. They start by hurting each other and seem to cross paths throughout the years before they fall in love at the Asian Games. In the secondary role, we have Bona who plays Go Yu-rim, an athlete who will also be at the Asian Games which is the setting for the main leads’ love story. She happens to be friendly with the female lead even though they’re rivals.


These just happen to be the K-Dramas with a set date. There are more upcoming K-Dramas that are going to air in 2021 with idol actors like Rain, EXID’s Hani and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Stay tuned to find about their K-Dramas too.

Are you excited about these dramas? Have any of them been added to your watchlist? Do any of them star your faves? Let us know in the comments below.

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