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We live in one gigantic land with multiple states, cities, districts & villages. How can one define what’s actually popular and what’s not? What exactly does “mainstream” contain?

Its easier to hype in the metro cities but one is really in awe when the buzz is carried in smaller places. On a daily basis we get at least one message from a city like that and so here’s a coverage that will put a rest to questions raised and definitely one big smile !


Recently KPOP related events took place in Bhopal, Ujjain & Indore.

Ujjain 9/11/2018

When the survey was out 7 fans confirmed to attend it and even with this little number Sagarika the organiser (S Kpop store) decided to go ahead with it, she says “Only four of them showed up, three of them were ARMYs and one was ARMY and EXO-L. We shared about our K-pop journeys with each other, how we got into Kpop, the struggles we faced for being the only K-pop fan amongst the people around us. Also, we fangirled over the merch!”

The fans shared their amazement saying they never thought their city would ever have a Kpop related event, they were touched and determined to come back and hold a bigger event with more fans.

Ujjain meet
Ujjain meet

Indore 10/11/2018

Held in a banquet hall of Hotel Golden gate, saw a blast of multifandom jazz of merchandise stall layed with various Kpop groups like BTS, EXO, Blackpink, SHINee, Stray Kids, SS5O1, Monsta X, Wanna-One, etc.

She adds:

“There was K-Pop Music Video screening, where everyone screamed with excitement and did fanchants, and an interactive session where we shared about our Kpop Journeys.
Everyone was really excited and said that this was the first time something related to K-Pop happened in their city.
29 people attended the event, there was one fanboy among them too!”
Bhopal 11/11/2018
By Bhopal the word had spread, what started with 4 fans in Ujjain now saw a whopping 56 fans in attendance! There were challenges, screenings and a lot of dancing. And of course a plethora of exciting merch to buy from.