NIve Broken Kaleidoscope

Causing ripples in two of the most loved music worlds – American and South Korean, 28-year old singer-songwriter, producer, and composer, NIve (니브) is here with his 1st mini-album, ‘Broken Kaleidoscope’. An adroit artist who made his debut with the English single ‘Getaway’ on November 9, 2018, NIve has since then been on a mission of “self-healing and healing others” through his music which maps a myriad of genres.

“I wrote this EP almost as a personal diary, but expressed through music, so you can expect to hear a lot of honesty and vulnerability!” – NIve about Broken Kaleidoscope EP

On his journey, he has traversed through multiple facets of life – beauty of existence, happiness, individuality, liberation, etc. All these reflect in his musicality and closely attune his listeners with their universal relatability and validity. He has also made his debut in South Korea with ‘Like a Fool’ in 2020 and entered a new industry. Since then, with solo songs like, ‘Tired’ and ‘Liberated’, and several contributions (as Jisoo Park) to the creation of hit songs by artists like EXO, BTS, NCT U, etc., NIve has managed to become renowned as a global artist!

“I make music to heal myself and to hopefully help others heal as well, so if that’s happening, that’s really all I can ask for.”

We at KHIGH are gratified to connect and bring to you the musings, excitement, and exceptional musicality of the multi-faceted Korean-American artist, NIve.



KHIGH: Your stage name, NIve is quite unique. Why did you choose it and what does it signify? 

NIve: One day, I was trying to figure out a word or a sound that represented me, and a sound similar to “Nive” popped up in my head. Afterwards, I discovered that NIve means “being cool without having to say cool”. I really related to that meaning on a personal level because “cool” is what you make it to be. A lot of times, if you have to tell yourself that who you are or what you’re doing is cool, it actually might not be as cool as you think!  


KHIGH: Starting out from a classical music background, what first got you interested in pop? 

NIve: I think I just loved how different music could be in general. I wanted to start writing songs to express myself, and pop music seemed like a great place to start! 


KHIGH: How has your journey been, from participating in Superstar K Season 6 to being recognized as a great Korean-American singer-songwriter and producer? 

NIve: It’s been a rough ride, but I try my best to hold on! I’m grateful for all the ups and downs that I’ve experienced on this bumpy road.


KHIGH: After your U.S. debut as a singer-songwriter and the successful fame that followed it, what made you turn to the Korean music industry too? How was debuting in Korea different? 

NIve: It was a natural process. There wasn’t really a thought to “separate” my debut in the US and in Korea. I write my music in both English and in Korean, so it’s still me regardless of the language, and my goal is to express myself in that moment, as best as I can. With that being said, I got to release music in Korea after collaborating with really great Korean artists like Sam Kim and Heize in particular, so that was pretty different from my time in the US.


KHIGH: Your discography has always been all about empowerment, self-discovery, and universal relatability. What fuels the liberating music and lyricism? 

NIve: It all starts from my wish and hope to find my own peace in my life. There were a lot of moments in my life where I felt like I was alone in whatever I was feeling, so I wanted to create liberating music so that people know that they are NOT alone. By doing that, I end up finding myself feeling more at peace, as well!


KHIGH: Your latest release ‘ESCAPE’ shows a completely different side of your artistry as it changes the mellow, acoustic pop vibes to an upbeat Swamp-rock-infused one. How did this track come about? Is there a reason you pursued a distinct direction in this single?

NIve: I wrote ‘ESCAPE’ during a time in my life where I was feeling restless and fed up with certain emotions that I was feeling. Once I started to express that through music, the song just naturally started to turn towards this more upbeat, aggressive direction. I didn’t intentionally write ‘ESCAPE’ in this direction in particular, but it felt right. 


KHIGH: ‘ESCAPE’ is also the first track off of your recently released 1st mini-album, ‘Broken Kaleidoscope’. Does this EP also follow in its footsteps with a portrayal of your versatility? What themes can we expect to see in the new EP? 

NIve: I would say yes to that! The best way I can describe the EP is that it’s almost like five completely different “islands” being merged into one big one. Even though the different parts of the island look different, they all feel like they belong together. I wrote this EP almost as a personal diary, but expressed through music, so you can expect to hear a lot of honesty and vulnerability! 


KHIGH: Since you are involved and skilled in all stages of music creation, we are curious to know, which part of the whole process do you enjoy the most? 

NIve: Writing a song from scratch in my room! It doesn’t matter what I start with, but there’s something about the raw creation that I enjoy a lot.


KHIGH: Your tracks always have a variety of elements that are a hit among your fans, ranging from your natural vibrato, the guitar strumming to the captivating percussive pop. What factors/elements would you say dictate your creative process? 

NIve: It all starts with a thought or a feeling, and then pans out based on the message or theme I want to express. From there, I decide on the musical elements or genres that fit the message or emotion the best. 


KHIGH: You have worked with a lot of renowned artists like EXO’s Chen, NCT U, Paul KimBTS’ Kim Taehyung, Sam Kim, Heize, etc. Can you recall a memorable moment of working with any of them? 

NIve: Without picking out a specific moment, the thing I enjoyed the most in working with all those artists was being able to just sit down and talk with most of them. Those conversations are actually what sparked a lot of the creative process! 


Treat your ears to the pleasurable symphony of CHEN’s and NIve’s vocals brought forth through their earlier interactions and collaborations:


KHIGH: Your short poetic notes addressed to ‘My Broken Kaleidoscope’ are quite evocative and thought-provoking. Do you think you will ever compile these musings in a “Collection” publication of sorts? 

NIve: I’ve always thought about it, so we’ll see what happens!


KHIGH: The songs in your discography are a mix of a lot of genres, but we would like to know, which music genres inspire you the most as a person and as an artist? 

NIve: At the root of it all is classical music. That’s how I got into music, and that’s how I still approach music to this day. 


KHIGH: What are your thoughts when you see so many people being influenced and empowered by your music?

NIve: I’m just filled with gratitude. I’m so thankful that people are comforted and even empowered after listening to my music. I make music to heal myself and to hopefully help others heal as well, so if that’s happening, that’s really all I can ask for. 


KHIGH: Your personality seems to convey that you are a reserved thinker kind of person. So, taking this opportunity, would you like to spill some TMIs that your fans may not know of? 

NIve: A fun fact about me is that when I was in Gold Coast, Australia, my favorite thing to do was to go surfing! 


KHIGH: Lastly, any message for your fans who were eagerly awaiting your latest debut EP’s release?

NIve: I appreciate you all so much and can’t wait to share this EP with you. Thank you for always waiting for me and listening to my music. This EP will feel a little different, but I promise that it’s full of impactful music. I’ll do my best to stay creative and continue to create art for you, for us. I love you all, and I hope I get to see you all in person very soon!


Check out the title track, ‘I’m Alive’ from his latest EP, ‘Broken Kaleidoscope’ if you haven’t already:


What did you think of NIve’s debut EP,Broken Kaleidoscope? Are you excited to see NIve exploring the  South Korean music industry more and more? Who would you like to see him work with next? Spill your thoughts in the comments.

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