In our previous article, we mentioned about the next date of the monthly visit to Aerisana. We are sure that wellwishers all around are curious to know about the visit and how little Aeri is doing!

Let’s find out more from @exolmanipur as they bring us right to Aerisana’s doorstep by recounting their experience!

“Our second monthly visit to Aerisana’s place was on 26th and it was equally heartbreaking and heartwarming. Aerisana’s grandmother cried while talking to us and wished us success. We were once again reminded of how huge a void life has left the little girl with. And all we can do is try to add a little hope however we can.” 

This time, the team gave Aeri the stipend of  ₹2000 along with books, snacks and clothes which Exo-Ls put together. Aerisana’s grandmother informed the team that the money is being used to send her for private tuitions while the schools remain closed. 

“By the time schools open, we hope our Aerisana will be carrying the bag we gifted.” 

                     Exo-Ls meet little Aeri !                                              Source:@exolmanipur

Aerisana is a shy little girl and was aloof towards the team on the first meet. She didn’t really know much besides that they fondly call her “Aerisana” and provide the money for educational needs. However, much to the team’s delight, she’s warmed up to them and had a chatty conversation. She spoke about playing with the kids in the neighbourhood and the team even educated her on why she needs to go to school and read books. 

Exo-Ls even gave her a mask and instructed her to wear it every time she goes out.

“When we left, she came out to see us off! As we waved, one of the EXO-Ls who went to visit said: “what did you say your name is?”

She beamed brightly and said “Aerisana”


As we left, we saw her opening the bag and comics we got her.”


Good news regarding the donation!

The donation was reopened again after the positive response which the article received. In the short duration of 2 days of the donation, the team raised ₹6521. They decided to add ₹6000 to the ₹65000 which had been raised already and Aerisana’s monthly financial support received an extension from 2 years 5 months to 2 years and 9 months. We are very grateful to everyone who donated and sent their blessings! 

The remaining ₹521 was used to buy groceries for Aeri and her grandmother.

We hope to bring you a fresh and healing update on little Aeri soon and watch as she grows up into a fine young woman!