ONF Goosebumps India

ONF fans may be in for a long drought but not before the K-Pop group has one last comeback. It was previously reported that to support all the members and to minimize their hiatus, all of the South Korean members would be enlisting for their mandatory military service together. But before they do that, we are getting a powerful send-off with the release of their 6th mini-album Goosebumps’.

ONF released ‘Goosebumps’ and the title track of the same name on December 3. They immediately trended on Twitter and MelOn with the music video reaching 5.8 million views on YouTube. And Fuses showered their love and support by helping the album top Bugs and chart on Genie and MelOn. All of the b-side tracks also entered Genie and the top 10 of Bugs.


It also did well well on iTunes as the album debuted at #13 on Worldwide iTunes Chart and entered the Worldwide iTunes Songs Chart. Indian Fuses also helped the albumGoosebumps’ chart at #1 on India iTunes Album Chart while the title track peaked at #24. The album was also #1 on iTunes in countries like Saudi Arabia and Argentina and is in the top 5 of countries like Thailand and Brazil

Like ONF’s last summer bop ‘Popping’ which actually had a dark undertone, ‘Goosebumps’ is a fun techno song with a music video waiting for fans to unravel their complex storyline. This album’s title track is typical ONF as they masterfully fuse their melodic vocals with synths and EDM arrangements that leaves us with a punk-dance song and a sci-fi music video. 


Have you heard ONF’s mini-album yet? What was your favourite track? Did you like the cyber-themed music video for ‘Goosebumps’? Let us know in the comments below.
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