Watching K-Dramas and listening to Korean Music isn’t the only thing that we, desi K-Poppers love about Korea, it’s everything! From the scrumptious Korean Cuisine, we see in all the drama series to the Korean cities and places, down to the lifestyle of the people themselves, we adore and want to experience everything.


Hence, KHIGH decided to try out and list some of our favourite must-try products that will transport you straight to our dream travel destination, South Korea! 

Products from @greenskystore, check out our review below!




Korean Instant Noodles


Apart from the usual cravings we have for the standard Ramen noodles, Korea also offers some other really delicious instant noodles like Jjapagetti which is basically an instant version of the popular black-bean noodles (Jjajangmyeon) we have seen featuring in so many K-Dramas, and Neoguri which is typically an instant version of an udon noodle dish known for its distinctive feature of having dried Korean kelp.

Net Weight: 120g

Price: 150/-





The Jjapagetti (짜파게티) which is eaten dry (without soup), delivers all the greasiness that the original Jjajangmyeon promises. It also has a sweet-cum-savoury taste which is perfect for those who aren’t really great fans of spicy food. The Neoguri (너구리) on the other hand has a delicious and clear spicy broth with all the added taste and nutrition of the dried Korean kelp.




NOTE: Try combining these instant noodles with some protein like eggs, steak, etc. It enhances the flavour two-fold!


The combination of these two noodles into one has also become a favourite dish of many globally after the release of the Oscar-winning Korean movie, ‘Parasite’ which featured this new dish called Jjapaguri (짜파구리)!


Jjapaguri in the movie, Parasite


Pore Shot Nose Packs 



Net Weight: 0.6g (3 sheets)

Price: 120/-

With really cute patterns like the yellow snout of a lion or a pinkish one of a pig that just makes you look a lot let less hideous than the ghostly looks of the sheet-masks, these pore shot nose packs by ‘Plan 36.5’ work wonders in just a little under 20 mins, removing not only the dead skin cells from our noses but also the blackheads and other impurities, down to those extremely tiny hairs we have on our noses!

It is also designed to fit snugly, even on relatively broad-structured noses of us Indians and so is suitable for us as well!


Sheet Masks 



Volume: 23ml

Price: 100/-

We tried out 4 day by day facial masks by Revive the Skin that aims to achieve different benefits to the skin, namely Collagen (promotes skin elasticity and treats signs of aging), Black Pearl (exfoliating, whitening, and skin immunity), Vitamin (removes active O2 and promotes skin health) and Blueberry (anti-oxidants rich, anti-inflammatory). In addition to fulfilling all these promised benefits of these individual masks, we recorded some common observances:

  1. The mask wasn’t soaked and dripping in excessive serum that makes it easier to unfold and apply to the face and even to get all that serum on our faces without the excess being wasted!
  2. After removing the sheet mask, the skin felt fresher, brighter, and even plumper and healthier than before 🙂
  3. After removal, the face also did not feel as sticky as with some other face masks, which might seem like a bother to many as that means you have to rub the leftover serum on your face into your skin till it gets absorbed as well.


Ginseng Tea



Net Weight: 0.6g (3 sheets)

Price: 120/-

The ginseng tea can be identified as a specialty of The Republic of Korea and carries various health benefits as well- rich in Anti-oxidants, boosts the immune system, fights fatigue, increases energy levels, and even may help lower blood sugar.

Now you must be thinking, if it’s healthy then it must be unpleasant to drink?

However, this isn’t the case as this tea carries a very subtle earthy flavor and so light that you can reap the many benefits of the ginseng tea without being uncomfortable drinking it at all!

It is also not very aromatic after being dissolved into the water, but before being dissolved the powder carries a very pungent smell that might make be off-putting but it doesn’t come through when you drink the actual brewed tea so no need to worry 🙂

For the tea-drinkers who like a strong brew, the tea might be a little too light and so I think a great way to drink it for them would be to combine it with the other more prominent flavors of teas to reap the benefits of it as well as enjoy a more strongly brewed cup of tea.


P.S. It also serves as a very refreshing iced cooler to help you combat the summer heat 😉


Tone-up Cream



Volume: 30g

Price: 250/-

This tone-up cream by SkinLacto9, doesn’t carry a really fruity or flowery aroma as you would think it would since it is a cream but it leaves the skin feeling plump and moist by forming a nice thin, even layer on your skin and hence, does it’s work efficiently! 

You also only need just a little dollop of cream to cover your whole face, so it is one of those good economical buys as well 😉

NOTE: Extremely necessary to cleanse before applying this or else the cream would actually form a layer over a skin that is carrying all the impurities that we didn’t cleanse and hence, hold those impurities in place which will lead to skin problems.


Head over to @greenskystore who helped us obtain all these amazing products and try out your own favourite picks from the comfort of your homes!


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