Pachinko Lee Min Ho

PACHINKO is based on New York Times bestselling novel with the same name. It is written by Min Jin Lee, a Korean-American author. Best faces of the Korean Film/Drama industry like Oscar Award winner Youn Yuh Jung for Minari and every K-Drama fan’s first love, the one and only Lee Min Ho, alongside the introduction of Kim Min Ha – are to be featured in Pachinko.

Pachinko is a tale of the lives of 4 generations of a Korean family before and after the Japanese rule, pre and post-war scenes. We see the series through the eyes of various characters telling the story of their time in the 20th Century. As shown in the trailer from Sunja‘s birth to her teenage in the Japanese ruled Korea to her old age in Modern Independent Korea living with her family. This is the story of endurance, struggle, and power of  Sunja which is created by Min Jin Lee. She spent 25 years of her life making this masterpiece, which will be shown to the world visually through the direction of Korean-American directors Justin Chon and Kogonada.

The series will be world premiered on 25th March 2022 on Apple TV+. This eight-episode series will have the first three episodes aired altogether. One episode each which airs every week for the next five weeks of Pachinko. With the above trailer and the teasing news and rumors preceding the launch, the anticipation for this visual portrayal of the bestselling novel is at an all-time high already!


Are you as excited as KHIGH for Pachinko and the comeback of Actor Lee Min Ho? Are you ready to experience Sunja‘s life through Youn Yuh Jung’s marvelous acting? Let us know in the comment section below.
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