NCT, WayV, and SuperM’ Ten Lee’s Single “Paint Me Naked” has charted #1 on iTunes India on the day of its release. “Paint Me Naked” also peaked #1 on iTunes in various countries including Colombia, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, and more (at the time of writing).


“Paint Me Naked” is Ten’s first solo song in three years. The track is a mid-tempo bop with newtro visuals, Ten has added his charming and personal touch through-out. Ten is lauded for his amazing vocals and this track is just the perfect blend of vocals, visuals, fashion, and energy, every element making one fall for Ten Lee.

Listen to ‘Paint Me Naked’ here

The track on the get-go feels like a punk-pop but as the song advances one can feel the shift of the vibe to mid- tempo, with the mesmerizing guitar riff and dynamic vocals the track is an ode to the beautiful feeling of a free spirited, youthful love.

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