Chanyeol Tomorrow

On 6th April 2021, SM STATION released Park Chanyeol’s digital single “Tomorrow”. EXO’s Chanyeol, the main rapper and sub vocalist of the group, has written and co-composed this track with Amy Wadge, who has previously also worked on Ed Sheeran’s Grammy awarded track “Thinking Out Loud”. The silver-toned instrumental music along with Chanyeol’s soothing vocals make “Tomorrow” irresistible and so the song has won the hearts of EXO-Ls on a global level!

The solo track “Tomorrow” made its debut at #8 on the worldwide iTunes Song Chart after topping the charts in more than 25 countries all around the world. Backing up the fandom’s global efforts, Indian EXO-Ls yet again endeavoured to make the track chart at #1 on iTunes India and succeeded. They showed their love and support through constant streaming and sharing the song on every online platform out there as well. 

Indian EXO-Ls successfully got ‘#TomorrowWithChanyeol’ to trend at #29 on Twitter India. They enthusiastically shared their joy about the MV’s release and shared their heartfelt reactions to it through several tweets.



The MV beautifully portrays subtle aesthetic graphic detailing, making sure to shine the spotlight on the artist’s intentions. The feelings he experiences told by the lyrics point at him being uncertain and expects his future to be like walking in a tunnel. But he waits for Tomorrow to come, as he hopes for enlightenment. Chanyeol irrespective of having a reputation as a talented rapper never fails to remind us of his intriguing vocal skills. The piece is perfectly arranged with his vocals supported by melodic music, which in turn, makes the song one of a kind.



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