Long have the Indian K-Drama fans rejoiced at just the mention of the word “India” in the K-Dramas, but now Park Hae-Jin‘s new drama, Kkondae Intern/ Old School Internoffers more desi surprises to the Indian fans then ever before 😉 !


From the very first episode of the K-Drama, fans will catch a glimpse of the renowned actor speaking in an accented but intelligible Hindi language!


Just hearing him say,“Mai Ga Yeol Chan bol haha hu, Rancho Ji” made desi fans go gaga over him and his cute accented Hindi with some even proclaiming that he spoke Hindi way better than even them xD



However, the surprise doesn’t end there and we have Park Hae-Jin dressed in a “Traditional Indian attire” and starring in an “Indian Inspired Ad” of the Ramen company he is an employee of in the K-Drama.


This major IndiaxKorea crossover has left some fans celebrating the cliched but newly acknowledged recognition that India is getting in the K-Drama world, while some others are a little displeased with the cringy and under-examined reality of Indian society.

Fans gushing on Twitter:




Some K-Drama fans sharing their thoughts on Instagram:


So, with both the positives and negatives of this recognition of India in K-Dramas being explored by the desi fans, Kkondae Intern that speaks the story of man starting over in life after failing at his first job due to a stringent old-school boss and then meeting him again as an intern after he becomes the Chief of Sales of a Ramen company, is sure to have many intrigued and exciting fans watching it from the get go 🙂


Watch MBC’s K-Drama, Old School Intern/ Kkondae Intern every Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 KST (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day).


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