Penthouse 3

Season 2 of Penthouse ended in April 2021 and it was a good two months before fans could resume the roller coaster series. The hype for the drama was kept up by the show’s makers with intermittent teasers and character stills for the upcoming new season. Season 2 of Penthouse left the fans with a huge cliffhanger. Logan Lee died in the last episode of season 2. Or did he really die? The finale of Penthouse season 2 was one explosion after another. Fans were quizzical about what will happen next and will the people of Hera Palace serve jail time?

The teaser for Penthouse 3 glimpsed into the heated, crazy and twisted lives of the Hera Palace residents once again. The rich get down and dirty with their parlour tricks.

The first episode of Penthouse season 3 aired on 4 June 2021, and it brought back the thriller and the crazy adventure the show is known for. The cast is shown serving their time in jail, which invited some humorous, although dark moments in the show. These moments served as comic relief in their own twisted way. Fans had some quirky reactions for the first episode of Penthouse season 3.

What are your thoughts on the show? Do you think Penthouse season 3 will match the hype and the craziness of its predecessors?

(Image: SBS Drama Official Instagram)

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Nandini Iyengar

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